He wants your money AND your TV time ….

First, President Barry wants to speak on television Wednesday — at the same time as a GOP presidential debate.  That idea gets nixed — so he tries to get some TV time on Thursday.  The problem with Thursday — that is the night that NFL football coverage kicks off.  What a choice — escape from these horrible economic times by enjoying a great football game, or you can look at and listen to the man who gave us this mess.

The White House thinks they have the perfect compromise:  go on the air at 7PM and finish before the game starts.   I FOR ONE have a HUGE problem with putting him on air at 7PM.  That would mean preempting all of my Two and a Half Men, Cheers, and King of Queens reruns for that night.  (Just thinking about that nightly Doug-and-Carrie fix gets me through my work day.)  I am sure I am not the only one who passionately looks forward to the nightly reruns of these comedy classics.  If this goes through, I DEMAND reparations.

(Maybe the TV folks can fit Barry in sometime between 2am and 3am, preempting some of those home shopping infomercials.)

My first thought: why does Barry even need to have a special televised speech?  He has 24-7-365 propaganda at MSNBC and CNN.  The sycophants at CBS, NBC, and ABC drool over his every syllable every night for at least thirty minutes.   Just send them a release, and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy Sam-and-Diane, Doug-and-Carrie, Charlie Sheen, and the Packers and the Saints.