A big ZERO for Barry O ….

That’s right.  Official economic reports indicate that no new jobs were created for August.  That’s the first time since World War II:

The US economy created no jobs and the unemployment rate held steadily higher at 9.1 percent in August, fueling concerns that the US is heading for another recession.

It was the first time since World War II that the economy had precisely net zero jobs created for a month.

Economists had been expecting the report to show a net of 75,000 jobs created, an unusually low number considering the US is technically more than two years removed from the end of the last recession.

Wait.  What economists thought that?  Political appointees in the administration? Does this writer ACTUALLY expect us to believe we have been in ANY sort of economic recovery since Barry O moved in to 1600 Penn? 

Barry O promised us change in 2008, and boy has he delivered.   A lot of people have CHANGED from homeowners to renters.  A lot of people have CHANGED from gainfully employed to hopelessly unemployed.

The big lesson here:  The next time some politician tells you that they’re going to bring you CHANGE, ask WHAT KIND.

Eastern Europe saw a lot of CHANGE during World War II and The Cold War.  Sharks, piranhas, pit bulls, and grizzlies can bring DRAMATIC CHANGE  to your anatomy.

But none of that change is good for you.  Just like the CHANGE Barry O has brought to this country.

A lot of people bought his snake oil in 2008, without asking any questions, and we are getting absolutely nothing positive as a result.