#hayesscandal: The verdict is IN …


The NCGOP’s ruling body met for SEVEN HOURS yesterday to discuss the fate of Robin Hayes and Dallas Woodhouse.  As you may have heard by now, NCGOP chairman Hayes has been slapped with FIVE federal criminal indictments.  Yet, he has been allowed — in an unprecedented move – to keep his job and appoint his own temporary replacement.


Woodhouse has had a disastrous tenure.  Every aspect of his job performance can be classified as a charlie-foxtrot.  Pretty much all of his TV appearances have been embarrassing to Republicans coast-to-coast.  While he and his grandpa have been in charge, the party coffers have nearly dried up and Republicans have nearly lost all they gained in Raleigh in 2010 and 2012.



(An unnamed GOP staffer was mentioned in the Hayes indictment documents for aiding and abetting the alleged bribery scheme. The lack of curiosity by NCGOP leaders about the identity of said staffer is absolutely appalling.)


According to sources involved in Sunday’s seven hour powwow,  NCGOP leaders approved the following measures:


(1) formally request Robin Hayes’s resignation, and 


(2) allow Dallas Woodhouse to resign upon the adjournment of the the state party convention. 


I am told there was a significant contingent in the meeting arguing passionately (and seriously) that:  Dallas and Robin have done a great job and need to be retained.  



If you remember,  Hasan Harnett was FIRED in disgrace by this same group of people.  He was not investigated, as far as I know, by law enforcement.  He was not indicted for any criminal activity.  But Robin Hayes, with his FiVE indictments, is being allowed to decide IF he wants to quit.



Sunday’s decision  leaves the door open for both of these guys to keep their claws in the party.  What happens if Hayes says NO to the “request” to resign?


Remember how these people foisted Dallas on Hasan?  I can easily see Jim Womack winning, and this group “forgetting” all about this “request” for Dallas’s resignation, or tearing up his resignation letter.



During Sunday’s meeting, participants actually expressed concerns about things looking “bad” if Dallas and Robin and Dallas were to be run off.   HOW COULD IT LOOK ANY WORSE THAN IT ALREADY DOES?


All future drive-by media reports will be referring to “NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes, currently under indictment”.   And, by the way,  we have TWO special congressional elections going on.  The seats, hotly contested by the Democrats, have been in GOP hands for 25 and 60 years, respectively.



Yet, NCGOP leaders are showing more passion, fire, and effort in saving  Hayes and Woodhouse than they are in saving those two seats and pulling the party organization out of the ditch in which it currently rests.


The extent to which these people are prepared to burn the whole house down to save these two guys is appalling.  It honestly borders on mental illness.


IF ONLY they showed this much fire in going after the Democrats ( or doing things like, oh, defending Mark Harris when an election is being stolen from him) …