#hayesscandal: Dallas. Under contract? At the pleasure of … ? (Screenshot-gate?)


Apparently,  Dallas Woodhouse is leaving.    Apparently, no one in the NCGOP or in the Raleigh drive-by media has the guts to ask the million-dollar question (which may or may not have something to do with this departure):  WHO sent the screen shot?

The Hayes indictment made it pretty clear that the scheme to bribe Mike Causey was aided and abetted by a NCGOP HQ insider who sent a screen shot via email of a wire transfer from the party coffers confirming to the alleged conspirators the delivery of the cash behind the attempted bribe.



Dallas has access to party financial records.  As do the state party treasurer and the assistant treasurer.  Did Dallas send the screen shot?  Does he know who DID?  Did that action have anything to do with the news of the planned Woodhouse departure from NCGOP HQ?


(One has to ask. I mean — one day we heard Robin Hayes was taking medical leave, and then the next day he gets indicted.)



If cats have nine lives, Dallas Woodhouse must have 9,000.   He has survived in his current post a lot longer than he  would have in the real world in a real private sector job.


I was puzzled about all this talk of offering Dallas severance pay as part of this weekend’s “negotiation” to get him to go away.  Severance?  You do that for someone under contract.


Dallas actually adds to the confusion over this issue himself.  Check out his comments in a news story from ONE WEEK AGO:


[…] In response to the indictment, the N.C. Republican Party may remove executive director Dallas Woodhouse. Woodhouse stated that he was merely a witness in the investigation and denies ever speaking with Lindberg.


“I work at the pleasure of the central committee and that is the status. That status can change by my determination or theirs,” Woodhouse said on Friday. “I will not resign. I have nothing to resign for.” […]


“Work at the pleasure.”  That’s a heckuva lot different from being under contract and deserving severance.



Now, here’s Dallas today responding to the news about this weekend’s central committee meeting:


[…] Dallas Woodhouse, who has worked as executive director of the NC GOP since October 2015, will leave the position after his contract expires in June, he told McClatchy on Monday. […] 


Woodhouse wasn’t mentioned in the indictment and says he’s not a target of the investigation. But he testified before the grand jury in December, as McClatchy previously reported.


“I am under contract through the convention,” Woodhouse said in a text. “After that, with the election of a new chair, and after four years, a run longer than most, I am moving on. This was always what I had in mind.”  […] 


What???  LAST WEEK, Dallas told us: (1)  he wasn’t going anywhere, and (2) he works at the pleasure of the central committee.  THIS WEEK,  he’s dutifully fulfilling the terms of his “contract” and leaving on his own ?????



Oh, and for all you drive-bys writing exit interviews on Dallas, see if you can slip in THIS QUESTION:


“Who sent the screen shot?”