#hayesscandal: Robin’s “appointed chairman” to run for NCGOP vice-chairman ???


We understand communications are circulating among NCGOP activists improperly identifying 11th district chairman Aubrey Woodard — Robin Hayes’s pick to “act” as party chairman — as “appointed chairman”.  These same communications are hinting that Woodard will be a candidate for party vice-chairman at the party’s June convention in Concord.


Again, it is amazing that someone under federal indictment is able to hold on to his job and, basically, pick a “temp” to do his work for him while goes to court and fights the charges.

(One has to wonder if Woodard will be touting a Hayes endorsement as part of his campaign strategy.)


Right now, Moore County’s Miriam Chu is the only candidate for the vice-chairman position.  NCGOP counsel John Lewis had been in the vice-chairman race, but moved up to the chairman’s race once news of Robin Hayes’s indictment broke.