#hayesscandal: Indicted party boss STILL holds a lot of power



Never mind that federal authorities have slapped him with FIVE — count ’em — FIVE criminal indictments.  Robin Hayes is still in a position to heavily influence the near future of the North Carolina Republican Party.


Despite drive by media reports that he has “relinquished control” of the party,  Robin Hayes has only merely delegated all of the chairman’s duties to a party crony from the western part of the state.  


According to a release issued from state party headquarters, the indicted Hayes will still wield a significant level of influence over party business:



So, even under indictment, Robin Hayes STILL gets to select his replacement AND keep a hand in day-to-day operations of the party?  (The central committee is the group that will decide whether Dallas Woodhouse STAYS or GOES.)


In the real world,  a reputable organization would not allow an indicted (federally or otherwise) executive get anywhere near sensitive organizational activities while awaiting disposition of his or her charges.



And I’m sure DC can’t be thrilled with the idea of  Hayes the defendant  continuing to sit on the 2020 RNC Convention Host Committee.


Hayes and his grandson Dallas need to GO AWAY expeditiously.  They are a distraction to the folks trying to run this year under the GOP banner.  And their continued presence provides quite a bit of fodder for the opposition party in Raleigh.  (I’m sure there are some left in those ranks who still remember all the GOP giggling over the Jim Black scandal some years back.)

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  1. The dark cloud of corruption needs to be lifted sooner not later. If Hayes and Woodhouse cared about the welfare and reputation of the party, they both would have resigned last week!

  2. Robin Hayes and his faction have brought the State Party into disrepute by their corrupt actions.

    Hayes must go…..by his choice or by the Party’s choice.

    Had he any Honor or Integrity….he would have resigned immediately upon being Indicted.

    Now….he has caused more problems for the Party than just dealing with the damage to its image and ability to win elections here in the State.

    If the Party membership allows this to continue they deserve what they get in the way of Leadership and in the Executive Staff.

    That Hayes could accomplish the transfer of a quarter million dollars and Dallas Woodhouse knowing nothing about it is simply unbelievable.

    The Party Leadership seems to think getting to the bottom. of this by an internal review and audit can be ignored and that this problem will simply go away over time.

    They are in a state of denial if that is the case.

    The Party’s future is far more important than a couple of corrupt individuals.

    Hayes and Woodhouse must go.

    1. Be aware that the pro-Dallas factions are organized and in full force. They have not been willing to see through their blindfolds.

  3. Well, well, well…… The man fingered for being the puppeteer, and money “manager” for the CCA in NC , was actually busted for “.anaging” money for another corrupt group. Not solar, not the CA, but Insurance. You can’t prostitute yourself, but so much, before it becomes apparent that your wares are for sale. When it was alleged in this publication, over 2 years ago, that Robin was the lynchpin that kept RINO’s voting against fishermen in this state, and maintaining the documented, corrupt, MFC, Robin placed a call to the author of that piece. In the conversation with said author, he tried to explain how politics, and campaign funding work, and invited said author to come ro Raleigh to further discuss the issue. While the money was flowing freely, I should have taken him up on the offer.
    Robin’s and the CCA’s money corrupted Pat in his appointments to the corrupt MFC. That cost Pat, the king RINO, his job, when the coast overwhelmingly came out and voted against him. It is going to cost Cooper, also. Follow the money, and you’ll always find the rot. It’s going to be interesting to see where all of these money trails lead

  4. It is interesting to keep reading that the NCGOP Central Committee numbers 30 individuals. Not so. The current list numbers over 50 including NCGA members and the Chair and #2 of all auxiliary groups, past Chairman going back to before I moved to NCplus all officers and 2 from each Congressional District. My concern is, and always has been, that folks are lobbied or just show up to vote on issues they may know little or nothing about. The same holds with our Executive Committee which extends to all state level R elected officials where my fear also applies. Revisions to our Plan or Organization should include a hard look at those who are voting members of either Committee with one criteria being whether they are involved in State GOO issues or truly representative of real stakeholders. It will be interesting to see what action the CC takes on Sunday, who attends
    and whether an Executive Committee Meeting is called for before the June Convention. I know that I have a Congressional election to win as winning elections is our job one coupled with recruiting and vetting qualified candidates, electing them and then holding their feet to the fire re adherence to our Platform(s) and the will of the people represented.

  5. My post above is in error as I mistakenly counted Vice Chairs and went back years in former Chairs so the number of actual voting members in the NCGOZp is much closer to the 30 number that is usually mentioned. My bad, apologies all around.

  6. The circle the wagons mentality of the Woodhouse / Hayes / Lewis regime has caused our party great harm and given us an undeserved reputation as corrupt. They should be shown the door as quickly as possible.

    Party officials went before a federal grand jury in December, so they must have been notified in November or perhaps even earlier. Knowing this was coming down the pike, Hayes should have resigned on health grounds very early in the process. This would allow the party to not get hit as hard on bad PR, as the indictment would have been of a former chairman, not a sitting chairman. It would also allow a proper succession to occur, and a new, hopefully clean leader to deal with the media. This also would have allowed the party to fully engage on the 9th District ambush and give us a fighting chance of avoiding a black eye on that and a new election.

    Instead, the ruling clique thought only of themselves and preserving their power. They failed to do anything to fight the 9th District battle in an effective fashion, probably because they knew what was coming at themselves and were focused entirely on that. Hayes fiddled while the party burned, with Woodhouse and Lewis backing his play. They failed to let the Central Committee know what was afoot, completely sandbagging them.

    They dragged the whole thing out so that we now have a “whos on first” charade of party leadership. In spite of longstanding party precedent that a chairman must ask the Central Committee for a leave of absence. Hayes, with the concurrence of Lewis and Woodhouse brazenly took it upon himself to declare himself on leave of absence without consulting the Central Committee. The PoO also does not give the party chairman the power to name an “acting chairman” but Comrade Hayes wantonly and arrogantly asserted to have done that, too.

    We have a mess at NCGOP due to the self centered nature of Hayes, Woodhouse, and Lewis, and that badly needs to change. It will have a negative effect on our candidates if not dealt with soon. They have thrown the party under the bus in a vain attempt to cling to power.

  7. Circle the wagons, indeed.

    That is precisely what happened when the Haywood County GOP found the those members referred to as the “Haywood Five” to be inconvenient.

    Haywood County GOP passed a resolution charging the Haywood Five with no examination of evidence.

    The Eleventh District GOP led by Aubrey Woodard passed a resolution of support of Haywood’s resolution – by mail – again with no examination of the evidence.

    Certainly, at least one of the charges would not have been pressed had anyone taken the time to view the evidence. At least in my case, the evidence provided a laugh for many of the ExCom members present at the “trial”.

    Furthermore NCGOP banned individuals, myself included, from any and all NCGOP properties and events as a separate action. My ban was not rescinded until months after the ludicrous charge against me resulted in acquittal. In this case, no one on Hillsborough Street looked into the allegation against me. All it took for me to get exculpatory evidence was a request to the local sheriff.

    This is not proper conduct for a political organization, but much more indicative of a criminal syndicate.

    1. I omitted the third step in the lynching of the Haywood Five.

      NCGOP proceeded to expend hours of the ExCom’s time without examination of the evidence or even speaking to the accused.

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