Campaign 2019 advertising special !!!


Election day is quickly approaching in the Ninth and Third district special elections for Congress.  A lot of folks are not-so-subtly trying to promote their candidates in the comments section on our site.  (It often doesn’t matter if the post actually has anything to do with said candidate.)


We’ve got a great last=minute idea for promoting your candidate in front of an awful lot of politically-aware conservative eyes.  Send us a 300px wide x 300px tall image file (completely compliant with all relevant election laws).  Also give us a url that we can link said ad to.


We can then give you and your candidate THREE (calendar) days space in our site’s sidebar.  Your ad will appear in the sidebar on every page someone visits on our site.  That’s THREE DAYS for $200.


The deal is good for candidates in both districts on a first-come, first-serve basis.  (Third district candidates get priority because they face the voters first.)


We reserve the right to review editorial content submitted to us and to refuse to post it based on concerns about slander, libel, falseness, or outright offensiveness.  Ads must be submitted by someone clearly identifiable as a representative of a specific campaign.


Of course,  even though we work hard to police ads and their content, we cannot be held responsible for the claims made by various candidates and campaigns.


Submit your content and / or questions via the email link in the menu below this site’s masthead.