#hayesscandal: Did conspirators already have mole in place @ NC DOI pre-Causey bribe attempt?


The wording of the indictment  (start on page 7 and read through section 43 on page 9) would  appear to suggest that :




So, the plan — reportedly –was for Causey to hire Lindberg employee and former Chatham County GOP chairman Palermo to replace (or supervise) this employee that was apparently giving Lindberg so much grief.  But, an apparent monkey wrench surfaced:



Wow.  The highlighted text in section 43 would appear to suggest Lindberg was confident that another senior Department of Insurance manager — already in place –was standing by to do his bidding.  To take care of his business.


Some associates and I did a little sleuthing.  All of the possible suspects for “Division Head 1”  were from the pre-Causey era.


Ladies & gentleman,  I believe this is the part of our show where former Insurance Commissioner, beneficiary of Mr. Lindberg’s financial generosity (and current state Democrat Party chairman) Wayne Goodwin may have some ‘splainin to do.



(As a sidebar, where in the hell is the State Employees Association?  This has all the earmarks of good ol’ fashioned bullying of state employees.)