Hasan, Dallas & the tale of the tape

90Audio and video recordings can be quite damning things for people who play fast and loose with THE TRUTH.  I believe we have confirmed at least THREE occasions where NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse has played fast and loose with the truth:

  • The “hit” on Nick Ochsner.  Dallas went after a Charlotte TV reporter publicly — suggesting that his coverage of Speaker Tim Moore was little more than revenge from a disgruntled former candidate for employment.  The problem?  The paper trail suggested Moore had tried to hire Ochsner, but Ochsner had turned him down. 
  • The ol’ “large and diverse donor body” thing.  Right about the time he was signing up with NCGOP, Dallas did an interview with a leftist publication about his work with Carolina Rising.  Dallas claimed his organization had a “large and diverse donor body.”  The problem?  We later learned it was merely a vehicle for Karl Rove to pass money through.  We accept the description of Karl as large (around the mid-section), but dispute the characterization of him as “diverse.”

DallasAaaaaaaaand, Number Three?  It’s GOT to be pretty much everything he’s leaked to the press about NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett.  Audio recordings have surfaced suggesting that Woodhouse’s claim that Harnett’s email account was shut down for “security reasons”  was complete and utter bullshit. 

A website called nc4hasan.com has published audio of Harnett’s call to the NCGOP’s internet service provider to investigate why his email account was shut down.  (Here are the three different recordings:  ONE,  TWO, and THREE.)

Some key takeaways from the recordings:

  • The ISP employee appeared to have NO IDEA as to why the account was shut down.  The ISP likely maintains the servers that power the NCGOP’s email.  They would likely be in the midst of ANY investigation of ANY “security issue.”
  • The ISP employee says the account shutdown was requested by “Greg” — likely staff accountant Greg Fornshell, who reports to ol’ Dallas and is Dallas’s good buddy. Again, why would the staff accountant be making decisions about protecting the party’s technology assets?  I would think the ISP or some related computer tech would be making those calls.  (The ISP employee can be heard stressing to Harnett that they simply do what customers tell them to do. )
  • If you’re truly concerned about internal operational security, why would you hire to a senior position (executive director) a guy whose brother is a KEY STRATEGIST with the state and national Democrats? You don’t think anything sensitive occasionally slips out at Woodhouse family gatherings?  (Judging from photos, Dallas and Brad appear to be quite close.) 

Hasan-HarnettOkay.  After taking all of this in –plus THIS TV interview — you have to ask, are the mutineers willing to keep riding the Woodhouse horse?  Just observing from the outside, Dallas Woodhouse looks like a scandal waiting to happen.  He appears to be the bigger problem.