Guess what? They’ve got O-PINIONS over at WRAL. (*Who knew?*)

WRAL owner and limousine liberal Jim Goodmon continues to stomp on the grave of his late uncle (and founder of WRAL) A.J. Fletcher.   Fletcher was a renowned conservative who gave Jesse Helms his big break in television.  Goodmon inherited the fruits of Uncle A.J.’s labor and rapidly began turning them into a leftist cesspool that likely has the Daniels clan and McClatchy red green with envy. jg

Capitol Broadcasting Co., WRAL’s corporate parent, issued a fawning press release Friday trumpeting its latest Frankenstein monster:

Capitol Broadcasting Company today announced the launch of a web-based Opinion section to express the company’s editorial positions and provide other opinion-related content.

Capitol Broadcasting hired veteran North Carolina journalist Seth Effron as editor of the new section, which will be available to the public as a separate tab on the website.

Seth Effron?  From the Daniels-era News & Observer’s politics team?  *Yeah. Fair & Balanced, my butt.*

“We want to be part of the North Carolina conversation,” says Capitol Broadcasting Company President/CEO Jim Goodmon. “We will offer ideas and solutions designed to make North Carolina a better place to live, work and do business.”Laura-Leslie-pressroom

The new opinion section includes editorials, commentary from select third-party writers, a state-wide editorial round-up, video interviews and occasional cartoons.[…]

From Goodmon’s frequent sponsorship of fundraisers for Democrat candidates, to Laura Leslie’s social media accounts, to Greg Fishel’s global warming nonsense, to David Crabtree’s heckling of GOP candidates during televised debates, there have been plenty of clues about the editorial slant of the team at WRAL.

Chris Fitzsimon used to be a reporter there. He now works for a liberal non-profit funded by Goodmon and delivers commentary on WRAL radio and TV.  wralbutton5-1And Mark Binker’s transformation of Greg Brannon’s award from a pro-life — somehow — into an alleged praise of slavery was simply, um, *priceless.*  And let’s not forget the whole witch / bitch brouhaha that may (or may not) have happened during a visit by Aldona Wos to the General Assembly. 

This opinion nonsense has already launched on the WRAL web site. Let’s take a look at some of the headlines so far:

  • It is past time to adopt reasonable gun laws in NC
  • To honor Orlando massacre victims – repeal HB2
  • Return to old school math is a bad move
  • Lack of accountability at the ballot box allows ideology to run amok  (below a photo of Bob Rucho)
  • Refugees deserve helping hands and warm welcomes, not closed fists and cold hearts
  • Senate budget paints wrong portrait of North Carolina

Of course, all of these diatribes are unsigned.  How can this be a good business model?  McClatchy already loads up their op-ed pages in Charlotte and Raleigh with crap like this, and is bleeding money like a sieve.

I’ll tell you whatboobs people really want:  Media that tells the God’s-honest truth about what’s really going on in our state and country.  Regardless of the political ideology or party registration of the folks doing it. 

4 thoughts on “Guess what? They’ve got O-PINIONS over at WRAL. (*Who knew?*)

  1. I never thought I’d see the day that any media in the State was MORE RADICAL LEFT-WING than a McClatchy newspaper; but since Ol’ Jim Goodmon contracted terminal Limo Liberal Guilt ten years ao…. he has gone and done it – surpassed McClatchy in waaaay far-leftism.

  2. So… they need some place “new!!!” to express their opinions, instead of their otherwise entirely objective and opinion-free operation?

    lol, that’s awesome. /sarcasm

    Fine, I clicked the link, and laughed at the top listed article headlines too… (oh really, these all seem kinda left-leaning positions here *shocked gasp*)…

    Still, I’m always ready to comment and listen and respond to opinions…maybe that’d be fun… oh, they require Facebook, eh? Like the N&O switched to? Ugh… yeah, no thanks. Nevermind then… moving on…

    I guess people watch/read this wral site? and the N&O still? I’ve opted out of both for awhile now, and glad to be not contributing my eyeballs to their bottom lines.

  3. Are Fitzsimon and Scowlfield ticked off that they did not just directly link to the NC Policy watch site/blog? I mean why fund two instances of the same thing? Maybe they just want a website without that does not use the trademarked Scowly Random Inflammatory Word Laden Headline Generator of Doom.

    I will never forget the time the other week when I happened to hear Fitzy on the sports station (guess you have to get the propaganda out to every station). He and the commentator first said “the way the NCGA is coming up with the budget by using population growth and inflation is robbing NC of “investments” that are sorely needed.” Then the next sentence was “the NCGA should implement a budget that takes into account inflation and populaiton”. Maybe they are just concerned about the order?

  4. They already have an opinion section. It is called their ”newscast” which is filled with opinion and propaganda instead of news. Why do they need another one?

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