Greg Murphy: President Trump “responsible” for Capitol violence


The Greenville physician / politician’s back-stabbing tour is apparently rolling on.  For the longest time, Murphy hemmed and hawed about supporting Trump on election fraud.  After taking some serious heat from the district, Murphy put out a rather mealy-mouthed statement which COULD be interpreted that he planned to help the president push his election fraud case.  


Then came THIS statement to Greenville station WITN:


Republican Congressman Greg Murphy says that he holds President Trump responsible for Wednesday’s violence that erupted at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.


WITN spoke with Murphy this morning from Washington, D.C.


We asked the congressman about the president’s rhetoric fueled rally in the run-up to the attack on the Capitol and if he holds the president responsible.


“In a lot of ways, I do. We’re a nation of peaceful protest. That’s one of the foundations of our democracy. Now I do believe there were certain people in that crowd that were there to do violence. I think the vast, vast majority of individuals were there to protest peacefully which is our right. But I do believe there were elements within that crowd whether they were pro-Trump, whether they were Antifa, or other elements that were there to be violent and try to do harm to the nation’s capital. And it’s an exceedingly difficult mar on the nation’s history,” Murphy said.


Funny.  Murphy doesn’t mention that federal lawmen have identified numerous Antifa and other far-left activists masquerading as Trump supporters amidst Wednesday’s protest.  A number of the folks who broke into the Capitol and battled police have also been identified as Antifa or other far-left activists.



If, as Murphy suggests,  Trump was responsible for the violence,  why weren’t there more people inside the Capitol vandalizing things?  Footage I’ve seen shows — at most — three dozen protesters in the building.  If you saw footage of the complete protest crowd, there had to easily be a half-million people there.  If the Trump team was responsible, don’t you think there would have been a lot more people inside The Capitol fighting the police?


Also,  how responsible is it to take to the airwaves before lawmen have completed their investigation?



Greg Murphy continues to run away from his campaign promises and into the loving, waiting arms of Kevin McCarthy.  On the campaign trail, Murphy promised to affiliate with The Freedom Caucus,  support President Trump,  and “Drain The Swamp.”  He’s done NONE of that.

The 3rd district got promised a solid conservative congressman, but ended up with the same old squishy moderate Murphy was when he served in the NC House.



It’s going to be hard to claim Murphy got ambushed in the hallway by a reporter.  If you watched the report, it was clearly conducted via Zoom software (or something similar) and required some coordination with the TV station.  So, Murphy WANTED to get this particular FALSE message out to the folks back home.

6 thoughts on “Greg Murphy: President Trump “responsible” for Capitol violence

  1. Very disappointing. Clearly Mr. Murphy is already intoxicated on Potomac water. I listened to the Trump speech and it was very much like others he gave in recent weeks. Only a devout Trump-hater could interpret it as inciting a riot. Time will show that Antifa and other rent-a-thugs were behind the violence. It all has the mark and stench of Obama, Ayers, Lewinsky on it. NC politics still lacks a backbone. Either we deal with this problem now or it becomes an even greater problem in the future.

  2. Murphy flops like a mop and follows the wind….he’s on the Hinton radio network almost daily. Same network that gave McCrory daily coverage. Hinton got BOG appointment and then was cast aside. Rural eastern NC and conservatives cooling to Murphy for anything.

  3. It continues to enrage me to see all these politicians that rode Trump’s back in 2016, 2018 & 2020 show they are nothing more than turncoats! It is time to prepare for primaries and show those that don’t support their constituents the door!
    The Republican Party is a dysfunctional church ready to split! I will not be the party of Flake, Romney, McConnell or any other RINO. I live closer to GA than Raleigh and Stacy Abrams has shown they can GOTV, control the courts, bully RINO’s and turn a red state BLUE. I hate that we lost the senate, but I want Mitch to hold Chuck’s beer for a few years. Not even allowing a vote on the $2000 COVID check cost us the GA Senate races. The list needs to be compiled of the rats that are jumping ship and the primary pool needs to be assembled!

  4. I still remember seeing Murphy standing on the stage with President Trump in Greenville clapping like a trained seal. Now his short little seal arms are holding the knife he stabbed our president in the back with.

    There’s plenty wrong in the NC GOP, but it can get worse. Look what has happened to our friends in Georgia. We’re heading in that direction fast.

    There is no viable Republican Party without MAGA. Any party, or any thing, at odds with making America great is not for me.

  5. I can’t wait to see a new MAGA Party that actually believes in and will fight for the conservative cause. The GOP is nothing but a Democrat-Lite party. MAGA is this country’s only hope now. Greg Murphy would never stand firm for conservatism like Jesse Helms did.

    1. Senator Helms wouldn’t know the NC GOP or national GOP at this time. He would think the Dems, Russia/Communist, and they are, but not exactly like the GOP is remotely conservative nor really moderate. UNSURE what the GOP is? I’m ready for new leadership and a new Party that stands strong, firm, is vocal and fights and doesn’t get all weak-knee when confronted and has principles and values that are demonstratively shown. Sen Helms had convictions and stood confidently on them. This day and time, it’s which way wind blowing, what do polls say, where are the $$$$$ coming from (this more & more the prevailing control). All Capitol Hill driven by Silicon Valley, Big Tech. Has been shown Jim Jordan, Cotton, Doug Collins (to name a few) ALL run to tv and are so tough; yet they are provided mega-$$$$ from Big Tech…

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