GOP women on the move in Moore County


Since the inception of this site, I’ve come to learn that — for the most part — most Republican women are more reliably conservative than most Republican men. It’s quite evident here in Moore County.

The Moore Republican Men’s Club boasts of being the “largest in the state.”  But, for the most part, it is little more than a country club luncheon gathering dominated by retired men with an establishment mindset.  (I understand that quite a few of those guys balked at the idea of sanctioning Richard Burr for his impeachment vote against President Trump.)

The Moore Republican Women are an entirely different story.  These ladies fought proudly in defense of President Trump locally,  in Raleigh, and in DC.  The group is not shy about taking conservative positions on public policy issues.  They’re not shy about criticizing Burr and Tillis.  They’ve attracted quite a number of conservative speakers to the county.  The women’s club has a record of providing much more valuable help to candidates seeking election-time aid in Moore County.

Moore Republican Women’s Kay Wildt is  preparing to step into the presidency (a two-year term, 2021-23). of The NC Federation of Republican Women. The current president of the women’s club, Pauline Bruno, is offering herself up as a grassroots candidate for Moore County School Board  in the next round of elections. Bruno is also a retired teacher and a proud conservative.   (The edu-crats at the central office are antsy now about the 4-3, liberal to conservative, split on the board.  Just wait until they’re looking at a 6-1, conservative to liberal split.  Or better yet,  a 7-0 split favoring conservatives. It’s coming.  It’s just right around the corner, folks.)