Gas taxes: We’re #10! (nationally)

As campaign season gears up, we’re hearing all about this tax being cut and that tax being cut.  But one place we can’t seem to get any relief is at the gas pump.

According to the Tax Foundation, North Carolina had the TENTH highest gas tax burden in the United States (as of January 2017).  Our 34.55 cents per gallon tax rate puts us just a whisker beneath California’s rate of 38.13 cents per gallon.

Our tax burden at the pump is TWICE that of South Carolina (16.75 cents per gallon), roughly ONE THIRD higher than that of Virginia (22.39 cents per gallon) and Tennessee (21.40 cents per gallon).  You have to go to Florida (36.80 cents per gallon) to find a southern state with a higher tax burden at the pump.

Pennsylvania, at 58.20 cents per gallon, has the nation’s highest tax burden at the gas pump.

Gas prices hit us all hard.  They can increase the cost of going places (work, vacation, out to dinner, etc.).  They can make the cost of goods more expensive. (It costs more to transport them to market.) 

The gas tax was supposed to pay for new roads and maintenance of existing ones.  Yet, here we are paying through the nose for gas and the honorables are borrowing more money to PAY FOR ROADS.