Solar goons a wee-bit cash-poor through Q2 2018

Things appear to be a little tight for the folks who specialize in lining politician pockets so that said politicians will give them lots of taxpayer money to buy and play with solar panels and windmills.  These folks don’t appear to be raising much money and most of what they appear to be paying out is bank fees.

According to the state elections board, in May 2018, The NC Energy Workers PAC ( treasurer is Strata Solar CFO David Scoglio) got threatened with termination of its active status (and a referral to the district attorney’s office) for failure to submit a year-end report for 2017.  It appears they got that submitted sometime in June 2018.  In Q1 2018, NCEW PAC reported raising  no money and spending $555.74  — four bank fee payments and one lawyer bill.

In Q2 2018, the PAC reported raising no money and spending $57.36 on bank fees.

The NC Clean Energy Business Alliance (assistant treasurer is lobbyist Betsy McCorkle) fared a little bit better.  In Q1 2018, they reported raising $550 and spending $5,531.63.  The lucky recipients of NCCEBA cash that quarter were: (1) Todd Johnson for Senate — $1000, (2) Jeff Tarte for Senate — $1,000, (3) Nelson Dollar for House — $2,500, and (4) Chris Malone for House — $1,000.

In Q2 2018, NCCEBA reported raising $38,345.89 — mostly from officials with solar energy companies.  The PAC reported spending $7,497.69.  The lucky recipients this quarter were: (1) Erica McAdoo for House — $2,000; (2) Kelly Hastings for House — $1,000; and (3) Tim Moore for House — $3,000.

Now, let’s look at Apex Clean Energy PAC (treasurer here is also lobbyist Betsy McCorkle). In Q1 2018, they reported raising no money but donated twice: (1) Bob Steinburg for Senate — $1,000; and (2) John Szoka for House — $500.

Let’s move to Q2 2018 for Apex.  They reported neither raising nor spending any money. 

3 thoughts on “Solar goons a wee-bit cash-poor through Q2 2018

  1. Being Big Solar’s poodle only netted Solyndra Steinburg $1,000? Wow is he a cheap whore!

  2. Wind and solar PACs going belly-up??? GOOD!!! We’ve had enough of this “picking losers and losers” ever since the Obama / Solyndra (et al) debacle. NO more subsidies or RFS or the like!!! Let the marketplace pick the winners. And remember… there is NO man-made or man-controllable climate change!!! It’s all a lefty scam for socialism, globalization and a “New World Order”.

  3. Well, word on the North Eastern NC street is that Holly of the Culpepper Inn is helping to funnel solar/wind money for our Green Lover Steinburg. This would totally explain her rabid defense of our good, conservative Christian Steinburg.

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