FreedomWorks: Ellmers is NC’s most liberal GOPer in House

freedomworksFreedomWorks — the flagship organization of the Tea Party — has issued scorecards for the current session of Congress that show Second District representative Renee Ellmers as the most liberal GOPer from North Carolina.

Members are ranked from 1 — the most liberal — to 100, the most conservative.  Ellmers has earned a score of 43.   Charlotte’s Robert Pittenger scored a little better than Ellmers with a grade of 57.   The state’s three remaining Democrats each earned scores of 14.  Reps. Meadows, Jones, Foxx, and Hudson all earned the delegation’s highest grades — tying at 86.  Reps. McHenry, Rouzer, and Walker all earned scores of 71. 

mouthDown in South Carolina, Mark Sanford and Jeff Duncan each earned grades of 100.  Mulvaney and Rice earned grades of 86, while Gowdy earned an 83. Joe “You Lie!” Wilson came in as the state delegation’s most liberal GOPer with a grade of 71.  Democrat Jim Clyburn earned a 17.

Members were rated on 7 key votes in the House dealing with taxes, ObamaCare, and other regulations.

Over in the Senate, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis each earned a rating of 33.  Compare that to the senators from South Carolina — Lindsey Graham  (0)  and Tim Scott  (100).  Members of the Senate were ranked according to these three key votes.   Scott was one of 29 senators to earn a 100 rating.