Fox News poll: Trump UP, Burr UP. McCrory UP

FNC took an interesting route on this survey — looking at registered AND likely voters.  poll-results4

The poll was conducted by telephone with live interviewers September 18-20, 2016 among a random sample of 800 North Carolina registered voters. A subsample of 734 has been defined as likely voters. The margin of sampling error is +- 3.5 % for results among both registered and likely voters.

  • President:  Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton 45-40 among likely voters.  (The margin shrinks to 43-39 in favor of Trump, when you look just at registered voters.) Trump takes the white vote 58-27.  Clinton gets the black vote 85-3.  Trump beats Clinton among independents 41-24.
  • Senator: Richard Burr leads Deborah Ross 43-37 among likely voters.  (The margin falls to 42-36 among registered voters.)
  • Governor: Pat McCrory leads Roy Cooper 46-43 among likely voters.  (That margin is the same for registered voters, but the split shifts to 45-42.)

2 thoughts on “Fox News poll: Trump UP, Burr UP. McCrory UP

  1. Well we know this is severely distorted. The poll does not include the likely voter who will be registering same day at multiple poll stations. Heck, the 50-100 that BullyBarber will cart around on his bus for the 17 days of early voting plus election day will provide significantly more “weight” to the democrap percentages.

  2. Would it not be added assurance of being elected, by all Republican candidates, to have the healthy minded voting public aware that their rail coach IS coupled to the Trump train? I think so.

    Browny Douglas

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