For Everybody else …

What’s left — beyond local races — are the legislative, congressional, judicial, and amendment decisions.  Fasten your seatbelts as we hit you with our two cents:

NC Supreme Court.  A victory in this race for Anita Earls (D) in this race would make the wildest dreams of George Soros and The Round Rev come true.  The radical left would have control of  a major organ of state government.  Earls has railed about “cops murdering people of color” and praised African Marxist dictators.  She’s defended cop-killers and worked overtime to quash efforts to instate voter ID.  An Earls victory is a big win for the so-called “Moral Monday” freak show.  

Barbara Jackson (R) is the incumbent.  She’s been a reliable conservative voice on the court.  Jackson has run a horrible campaign.  (She has Richard Burr, of all people, vouching for her conservatism.)  It’s been looking like shades of Robert Edmunds circa 2016 all over again.

There is another candidate in the race: Chris Anglin (R).  Ignore the R next to his name.  He is a ringer meant to split the conservative vote away from Jackson.  A Democrat goon is managing Anglin’s campaign.  Anglin was a passionate liberal Democrat right up to the 2018 filing period.  Wasting your vote on him is like voting directly for Anita Earls.  HE is one big TRICK.

For the good of our beloved state, vote for Barbara Jackson.

NC Court of Appeals.  

The NCGOP mafia in Raleigh got together and picked our candidates for us in this one.  We’re looking at three seats.

Seat 1: Andrew Heath (R) v. John Arrowood (D). Heath is a Pat McCrory acolyte.  He finished out the McCrory era in Raleigh as the governor’s budget director.  He’s 37.  This is a shameful piece of cronyism and patronage.  But we might as well pick Heath

Seat 2: Jefferson Griffin (R) v. Toby Hampson (D) v. Sandra Alice Ray (R). Griffin got the blessing of the Raleigh mafia.  But Ray is a sitting district court judge down in the Wilmington area.  I’ve heard good things about her from some of our readers down that way.  I don’t think she is an Anglin-style trick.  This might qualify as a great opportunity to thumb your nose at Grandpa and Dallas.

Seat 3: Chuck Kitchen (R) vs. Michael Monaco (L) v. Allegra Collins (D).   Fans of Greg Brannon may remember that Collins is married to the judge who presided over the lawsuit against Brannon late in the 2014 US Senate campaign.  I guess we might as well go with Raleigh-anointed Chuck Kitchen  here. 

The Amendments.

There’s been just a wee bit of hysteria out there about these.  Most of them are unnecessary — merely ploys to draw us sheep out to the polls. (Though, there has been very little pro-amendment marketing going on.)  Here’s our take based on how they will appear on the ballot:

First: Hunting and Fishing.  We were of mixed emotions about that.  But our friends out on the coast helped open our eyes on this one.  We’re going to say NO.

Second:  Victims Rights.  This is a nice idea, but WHY does it need to be in the constitution?  This is overkill.  Using a bazooka to kill a fly.  Jones Street needs to muster up some courage and pass some legislation to address any shortcomings in  this area.  We say NO on this one

Third: The tax cap.I’m all for cutting taxes at any possible opportunity.  But this is a gimmick.  They’ve been bragging about cutting our taxes for years now, but stuff is still really expensive.  Fees, service charges, and the like.  That’s what they’ll still hit us with — even with an income tax cap in place.  For the hell of it, vote YES.  Send a message.  But know that Raleigh is not sincere about this, and will still be looking for ways to pull more money from our wallets.

Fourth: Voter ID.  Oh, hell YES.  Mark that ballot with a smile on your face — knowing that the amendment’s approval will cause more psychological trauma in the greater Chapel Hill, Durham, and Asheville areas than election night 2016.

Fifth: Judicial vacancies.   This is a power grab by politicians that does not benefit us.  It’s a BIG FAT NO. 

Sixth:  Board of Elections / Ethics.  We are being told that things will be much cleaner and honest if we take these two things away from ONE politician (the governor) and give it to 170 politicians (Jones Street).  The House Ethics committee STILL can’t “find” that 2015 pay-to-play complaint against David Lewis.  This one is also a BIG OL’ HELL NO, good buddies. 

Got that?  Two YES (FOR).  Four NO  (AGAINST).