Foaming @ the mouth in the N&O newsroom!

Somebody needs to get some rabies vaccine over to Low-T HQ on McDowell Street POST-HASTE:foam

One reason that Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis is having a tough time in his race for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan is the dismal and mean-spirited record he helped create as leader of the General Assembly’s lower chamber.

From voter suppression to a ridiculous (and thanks to the courts, irrelevant) anti-gay marriage amendment to the cuts in unemployment benefits to the state’s refusal to expand Medicaid rolls at no expense to North Carolina, Republicans in the House and the Senate have been an embarrassment to the state.

An embarrassment?  Seriously?  How about that Democrat House speaker Jim Black being led off in chains for taking bribes?  Now, THAT was embarrassing to our state. 

I tell ya — it’s one thing to read something like this in The New Republic or The Nation or Indyweek.  It’s another to read it in a publication that claims objectivity while operating under the constitutional protections of the First Amendment.  

Expanding Medicaid at NO EXPENSE to North Carolina?  Where do these rocket scientists think DC’s money comes from? The Cash Fairy ???? 

For state House seats in the Triangle, The News & Observer is recommending the replacement of sitting Republicans with Democrats. The Repcashublicans have shown no compassion for the disadvantaged, no empathy for the unemployed and a callous disregard for public education.

Callous disregard for public education?  Increasing spending by ONE BILLION is callous disregard? It can be argued that cutting taxes and regulations creates an environment conducive to making new hires and taking people off of the dole. Cutting the time people could collect unemployment produced an *amazing* spike in the number of people suddenly entering the workforce.  

Back during the good old days of The Cold War, we used to giggle at seeing anti-capitalist crap like this being disseminated by Pravda and Izvestia.  Now, we’re living through what the poor people of Russia and Eastern Europe dealt with then.  The market needs to go ahead and put angry leftist crap-manufacturers like this out of their misery.  This rag — and all others like it — need to finally go the way of the dodo and the dinosaur.

4 thoughts on “Foaming @ the mouth in the N&O newsroom!

  1. I think most of the N&O staff regrets that they were not around to serve on the staff of Pravda during the Stalin era, so they try to outdo themselves spewing dishonest leftwing propaganda to those foolish enough to still read their leftie slander sheet. Wow has the N&O moved hard left! Prior to McClatchey, they were just garden variety liberals. And much of their ”news” is really highly slanted opinion. They even print op-ed stuff from the leftist propaganda website ProPublica on the front page as if it was a news item. Don’t they have the integrity to know that such things should be on the op-ed page?

    But the bottom line is that the NCGOP should have been calling out the media for their bias from the time they first started spreading the Blueprint propaganda for the far left against the legislature. The party has been asleep at the switch for a long time. This could have been nipped in the bud if Robin Hayes had had the slightest degree of competence.

    And after they let the left run riot with Blueprint, it was total political malpractice to run anyone from the legislature as our US Senate candidate.

  2. How sneaky! Liberal Democrat Lucy Inman running for the Court of Appeals advertises on a conservative site like this to try to fool readers into thinking she is a conservative! She is doing the same on She apparently does not realize that most readers here follow politics enough to know that Judge Bill Southern is the conservative Republican in that race. I don’t begrudge Brant the revenue, but it is hilarious that Inman thinks she can pull the wool over our eyes.

  3. I agree totally with Raphael’s comments. The NC GOP and especially Governor McCrory have been asleep at the switch for the past two years. They should have been lampooning these liberal idiots everyday. McCrory, for better or for worse, is the leader of the party and he is simply pathethic—shows no backbone whatsoever. Tillis is not much better. You don’t take a knife to a gun fight!

  4. I fully expect absurdities like that from the N&O crew. Seems like nothing’s changed over there….

    I’m quite happy that I dont bother reading them, and that more and more, fewer people pay them any attention at all. Their increasing irrelevence is a good thing.

    I’m also really glad that I dont actually support them any more financially with a subscription. The editorial section, whenever I used to poke my head in, had gotten waaaay far-left loony tunes, and I remember the already low quality of their news reporting was sinking too, including an almost satirical inability to even keep up the pretense of “objective” reporting.

    Actually contributing money to their little soapbox would just make me feel scummy.

    Sorry you have to read that stuff, but I appreciate the effort 🙂

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