Feds, state attempt to stick it to NC drivers ONE MORE TIME

Federal and state bureaucrats are attempting to add 15 to 20 cents PER MILE of cost to drivers on I-95 in North Carolina.   Tar Heel state drivers are already saddled with the HIGHEST gas tax below The Mason-Dixon Line.     NOW, the bureaucracy wants to set up electronic sensors to monitor traffic on I-95 to bill individual drivers.

The statists and their mainstream media lackeys dismiss complaints about the tolls by saying a complete north-to-south trip through North Carolina will cost $20.  Big deal, huh?  Well, what happens to business and industry in the state with delivery vehicles dependent on I-95?  You add hundreds to thousands of dollars in operating costs to those businesses’ budgets each month.  (That’s just a brilliant move in the middle of an economic disaster.)

I thought our obscene, grotesquely bloated gas tax was supposed to be used for financing road work.  Where is that money? What has it been spent on? Why can’t we use that?  Our alleged conservative friends on Jones Street need to get us a full accounting on all of this.