Et tu, Faison?


Boss Bev needs to read up on Julius Caesar.  Her current predicament is eerily similar to the one faced by the legendary Roman emperor during his final days in power.  (Nixon, too, by the way.)

State Rep. Bill Faison (D-Hillsborough) — a darling of the Chapel Hill / Carrboro crowd — is publicly asking Boss Bev to step down.   This guy is something else.  He is running around — in this horrible economic climate — campaigning for a tax increase.  Faison is also back-and-forth on the idea of running for governor in 2012.

Bill Faison is Pat McCrory’s wildest dream come true.

The interesting thing I am noticing is the eerie silence from the state party and the rest of the Democrats on Jones Street.   Professional politicos are generally gutless wonders.  If they see one of their own sinking in quicksand or treading water, due to some kind of scandal — and things look like serious trouble — they leave their troubled ally to fend for themselves  (or apply the Brutus treatment).  If Faison was doing something the state Democrat powers-that-be do not want to see happen, the boom would be lowered on him quickly.  You would see more  people than Boss Bev’s campaign manager rushing to her defense.

Going public against your party’s governor is typically viewed as a kamikaze maneuver.  Clearly, Faison sees this move as one that will not cause him, or his party, any trouble.