Pinehurst FINALLY has a queen …

The birds are singing more cheerfully.  Rainbows are decorating the sky. The Pinehurst Police have abandoned their speed traps and have actually gone back to patrolling.   Blossoms are appearing on the trees.  Cats and dogs are living together. People are happier.

 England had its Elizabethan and Victorian Eras.  The Nancean Era has dawned in Pinehurst. Nancy, the duchess of Fiorillo, has been crowned as ruler of  “Heaven’s Waiting Room.”

Word is one of the first items of business for the new queen is the appointment of Doug Lapins as court jester.  Ol’ Doug will have to work hard to amuse Queen Nancy and get back in her good graces — after aligning himself with Joan “Third Place” Thurman.  (Doug, you better tread carefully. Razook’s backed Thurman, and look what Queen Nancy did to them.)

As this site predicted, Mark Parson was appointed to fill the remaining two years on Queen Nancy’s council term.  Some have bemoaned the appointment, but I see it as a good thing. Mark is a businessman.  He understands how frustrating it is to work with the Pinehurst village government bureaucracy.  Mark can do a lot of good from the inside to enact some positive changes.  I think the hysteria about Mark destroying downtown is ludicrous.  Parson is a HOMEOWNER and RESIDENT in Old Town.  Why would he be FOR damaging the neighborhood he lives in?  He makes a living making things look nice.  He’s made a lot of buildings and sites look nice.  It makes sense having Mark Parson in the middle of efforts to revitalize downtown.

(Manager Andy will appreciate having another youngster around.  Keeping all of those old people on the council awake, and getting them home safely, is a lot of work for one person.)

There is a lot of hard work ahead for this council.  Downtown is gasping its last breath of air, while downtown Southern Pines is booming.  The value of new construction is down by 50% over the last two years.  That raises questions about being able to depend on future growth in building permit and property tax revenue.