Endorsements: Thom Tillis gets ONE, Obama LOSES one

The country club Republicans are on the march.

It’s being reported that Ed Broyhill, scion of the furniture empire, is rallying people around the idea of state House speaker Thom Tillis mounting a 2014 challenge to US Senator Kay Hagan.

Yes, the family that gave us SIX YEARS of U.S. Senator Terry Sanford is trying its best to extend Kay Hagan’s stay in Washington through 2020.  

The word I hear from Jones Street is that Tillis AND Skip Stam will have plenty of problems trying to hold onto their leadership positions when the legislature reconvenes in 2013.

Meanwhile, Wilmington’s WECT-TV is reporting that incumbent Democrat congressman Mike McIntyre is balking at requests to endorse Barack Hussein Obama’s reelection.

3 thoughts on “Endorsements: Thom Tillis gets ONE, Obama LOSES one

  1. Tillis having a leadership struggle? Dunno about that, though I can only hope you’re right. If he really is interfering with local races, though, that could be an indicator in support of the fact that he’s in trouble. He won’t want to have a Mattie Lawson joining his foes nor the candidate I’m backing in my house district, either. Running for the Senate is another matter entirely. If BHO is re-elected but doesn’t take NC, Hagan might be fair game for the GOP candidate taking the nomination because of Obama’s unpopularity with a decent sized minority of NC Dem voters. If Romney wins, it could be a tough climb for the GOP candidate in a state where his/her party is outnumbered nearly by 3/4 million more Democrat voters. And quite, frankly, that climb will be tougher still for a man who preaches “unity” while alienating people in his own party.

  2. Eddie Broyhill? Ha-ha, what a laugh. The last time the 5th Congressional district came open, Eddie ran in the GOP primary. He started out the prohibitive favorite in the polls, largely due to his family name, but by the time the votes were counted, he ran third and did not even make the runoff. All with the ”brilliance” of Paul Shumaker as his campaign consultant. Tillis has clearly shown why he should never be our nominee for anything. Hooking his campaign to a lead anchor like Eddie is a good sign that his campaign will go nowhere.

    We need to start developing a real candidate for US Senate in 2014. Someone on another board suggested that former Ambassador and GOP Natioinal Committeeman Jim Cain may be interested. He is a Helms Republican and would make a good contrast to a boob like Tillis.

  3. Tillis’ schemes to support various functional Democrats in Republican primaries against the wishes of local activists are part of his scheme to run for US Senate, and as people get wise to that, it is likely to blow up in his face. Here is a good analysis: http://truthordarenc.com/tillis-bridge-to-nowhere/#more-3559

    I hope you are right about opposition to Tillis and Stam for the leadership positions perculating in the the caucus. Both have been nothing short of disasters. We need a real conservative who has a backbone, not this pair of wussies. And does anyone beleive that Tillis could not know that his own roommate and chief employee was having an affair with a lobbyist?

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