Drivebys BOOST Burr, BUTCHER History (and, of course, THE TRUTH)

The drivebys sooooooo want this Russia nonsense to be the next Watergate scandal.  Just read some of the latest foolishness from the Charlotte Observer’s somnambulant scribbler Jim Morrill: 

On a Saturday night in October 1973, U.S. Sen. Sam Ervin was dining at Asheville’s Grove Park Inn with hundreds of fellow North Carolina Democrats when an aide came up and whispered in his ear.

President Richard Nixon had just fired the special Watergate prosecutor and accepted the resignations of two top Justice Department officials, the aide told him.

“Let’s put it this way, his eyebrows went into high gear,” recalls the aide, Rufus Edmisten, deputy counsel to the Watergate Committee that Ervin chaired.

Now, 43 years later, another N.C. senator is leading a probe into a different president who, like Nixon, fired the man investigating him.[…]

That’s not an earthquake you felt.  It was a wave of orgasms sweeping through the McClatchy newsrooms in Charlotte and Raleigh.  (Oh, and never mind the fact that (1) Comey denied there was an investigation of Trump, and (2) NOBODY can find any proof there has been an investigation of Trump going on.)

*And are we REALLY consulting Rufus Edmisten on a story about ETHICS and public officials ??? *


[…] Sen. Richard Burr chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is looking into Russia’s interference with the 2016 election and its possible ties to President Donald Trump’s campaign. Like Ervin, he suddenly finds himself in the glare of national attention.[…] 

There’s nothing like The New York Times, The N&O, and MSNBC fawning all over you, is there?  (*But just wait until a Democrat they really, really like files against you.  McCain knows all about that, from 2008.*) 

It was the reverse for Ervin.  He was a proud defender of segregation and Jim Crow during his time in the Senate.  But when he became a useful tool for Nixon’s foes, the love came pouring in.  (Just like with Robert “Sheets” Byrd.  Lefties can be so forgiving of past sins if you have a come to Jesus Marx moment.)  MORE:

[…] “As Ervin was catapulted to fame because of Watergate, the same could happen to Burr,” said Karl Campbell, a historian at Appalachian State and Ervin biographer. “These are the historical moments that define careers.”

There are differences to be sure. Ervin was a Democrat heading a select committee investigating a Republican president. Burr is overseeing a Senate probe of a fellow Republican, who Tuesday fired FBI Director James Comey.

And partisan rancor is higher in 2017 than in the early 1970s, when Republican as well as Democrats came around to believing in Nixon’s guilt.

But circumstances have elevated the national profiles of both senators. Erwin was not well-known before Watergate. The low-key Burr, now in his third term, has rarely sought public attention. And the sudden firing of presidential prosecutors bothered both men.[…] 

OMG.  (*Listen closely, Morrill.  The FBI director IS NOT a “prosecutor.”  He / she DOES not go to court and prosecute cases.*) MORE: 

[…] “I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination,” Burr said in a statement Tuesday. “(His) dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by the Committee.” He called the firing “a loss for the Bureau and the nation.”[…] 

It was confusing WITH him in office, too.  People were and are confused as to WHY the US Senate and the driveby media are preoccupied with such an utterly preposterous pile of bullshit.   (Remember The “October Surprise” of 1980 ???) 

Comey should have been gone a long time ago. He made a mockery of criminal process and talked way too much to the media about Bureau business.

Here’s more from Morrill:

[…] Elaine Kamarck, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution, this week compared the current Senate investigation to Watergate.

“There’s so many historical parallels,” she said Wednesday. “It feels the same. There’s the sense in Washington of people being astounded at the arrogance and at the violation of our Constitutional norms. You simply don’t go out there and fire people who are investigating you. It either makes you look guilty or completely incompetent.”[…] 

So many parallels?  You had an actual CRIME with a police report and arrested suspects in Watergate.  Here, you simply have babble.  Nonsense.  Whining.  No facts.

Oh, and Kamarck is a longtime ally and friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Nice sourcing, Morrill.  


In 1973, Nixon would appoint another special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, who pursued the investigation with the help of Nixon’s once-secret tapes. Edmisten, who went on to serve as N.C. attorney general, thought about that when he heard of Comey’s firing.

“I thought, ‘My God, does that crowd not read history?’” he said. “If they knew anything about the Saturday Night Massacre, it was a huge catalyst in Nixon leaving office.”

Charlotte’s Anne Tompkins, former U.S. attorney and a Democrat, said with or without a special prosecutor, “Sam Ervin and the Judiciary Committee simply did their job as oversight of the Justice Department.” But she believes the current situation calls for a special prosecutor.

“It is clear that the only way the American people will trust the outcome of an investigation is if there is a special prosecutor,” she said. “Along with that, we need the Intelligence Committee and Sen. Burr to do their jobs. And actually, the signals are that he will. I’m optimistic.” […] 

Another Democrat to buttress our allegedly Republican senator.  I know that former US attorney under Ronald Reagan, Tom Ashcraft, still lives in Charlotte.  He has from time to time written on the Observer Op-Ed page.  I guess Morrill lost his number.  (Or got too lazy / sleepy to dial an additional seven digits.)

4 thoughts on “Drivebys BOOST Burr, BUTCHER History (and, of course, THE TRUTH)

  1. Mr Burr will certainly take the low (Democrat) road in this. He has long been a Republican in Name Only, and will assurredly do what he can to support his friends in the Democrat Party. In my opinion, he will be among the first to vilify President Trump. There is No Intellgence in our Senator, chairman of the Intelligence Committee. He will do whatever he has to do to support the Dems , and the Republicans can go to the devil.

  2. Yeah, any time Doofus Edmisten is consulted you know they are dragging the bottom of the barrel.

    One thing to consider in all this. Does ANYONE think that if Hitlary had been elected that Comey would have made it out of January with his job? All this faux outrage from the demorats is getting old, especially when it is about an issue that most agree upon.

  3. The nation is lucky to have a public servant like Richard Burr as head of the Senate Intelligence Committee during these interesting times. I have known Richard for over 20 years and this preacher’s son will follow the law and be guided by a search for the truth. He will be unaffected by partisans like you (on the right) and by partisans on the left (like much of the media.) If this is really nothing, Brant, then relax and quit hyperventilating…

    1. He hasn’t done a very good job of PROTECTING the law as he has allowed some very questionable individuals (i.e. – Albert Wynn) to be elevated to the bench without challenge. He and his equally feckless colleague Thom Tillis, both should be protecting North Carolina by reining in the jurisdiction of the courts, especially when it comes to marriage. When it comes to defending the constitution, he regularly fails his oath.

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