Womack: Dallas STILL not sharing, playing nice


We reported earlier on NCGOP state chairman candidate Jim Womack’s frustations over NCGOP HQ not sharing information with him.  We also reported on executive director Dallas Woodhouse’s denials of possessing the information Womack was seeking. AND we reported on the email that PROVED Dallas and his team possess at least one of the items Womack was seeking but not getting. 

Even after all that, it appears that Dallas and his team are still not playing fair and square with the Womack campaign.  Here is Jim Womack’s statement to supporters from yesterday:


When I am elected Chairman of our Republican Party on June 3rd, one of the first policies I will insist the Central and Executive Committees implement is a policy of impartial and transparent governance.
I completely understand the present inefficiency and ineffectiveness in managing delegate lists by the current NCGOP leadership team. But I also find their behavior to border on abject incompetence, rising to the level of gross inefficiency, grounds for some officials being discharged from their official duties.
For weeks I have been asking for the county and district delegate lists that were turned in by the counties to the NCGOP state headquarters.  For weeks, I have been told the state headquarters does not have those lists (inherently untrue) and that the district chairs were responsible for supplying them directly, rather than through then state headquarters.
I still do not have half of those lists, but it is readily apparent the NCGOP establishment has them: how else would the establishment be able to send mailers to convention delegates?  Not only is this patently unfair, it is intrinsically corrupt.
When I am Chairman, no candidate for NCGOP office will ever be denied the same opportunity to access delegate lists that other candidates may have.  I will make it a personal and professional commitment to ensure all of our internal elections are conducted openly and fairly, instilling confidence in our party’s governance.  I will never condone internal manipulation and willful mismanagement like we are seeing this election cycle.
I appeal to the county and district chairs who have not yet sent me their county delegate spreadsheets to do so as quickly as they can.  I am only asking for the same information they already sent up to their district and state secretaries in March and April.  And I urge these districts and counties to send the same lists to all candidates running for NCGOP state office.  We need to level the playing field.
As always, I genuinely appreciate your gracious support.

20 thoughts on “Womack: Dallas STILL not sharing, playing nice

  1. Did all you delegates get your email from Robin today? We made sure we got our guy the email list of delegates, just like weeks ago we got Robin the postal addresses so he could put out his announcement letter. Heck, we even paid for one of his campaign mailers out of party funds, the one entitled ”shareholder report”.

    Fair? HA! Why should be want to be fair? We just want to win by any means necessary, even if it means stepping on the other guy.

    And when have we been fair before?

    Hasan Harnett? We deliberately set the meeting to oust him at a time that he had told us months before that he would be out of the country, and we sent the notice of that meeting to his home address by normal first class mail after he had already gone abroad. He wasn;t our guy.

    Robin’s election to replace Hasan? We jammed that down without giving those silly grassroots people a chance to get organized and effectively campaign,

    Richard Burr? We allowed him to use party media resources that we denied to his primary opponents. He was our guy and different rules apply to our guys.

    Ada Fisher? We ran out the clock on her election at last year’s convention so that we could count the votes in a squirrelly way to be sure she would be declared the winner.. She was our gal and we were not about to let her get beat, no matter what the real vote was.

    This Womack dude should not expect fair when we are running the show. he should expect the Outhouse Way.

  2. That would be Dr Ada Fisher’s that Mr Outhouse is speaking of. The same Dr Ada Fisher that was videoed in California voting unlike the way she came back home and said she voted. That’s right! She was caught RED HANDED in a lie. The then Ch Robin Hayes swept that matter under the rug. Told me 3 times ” that has been fixed” when I face to face questioned him about it in Roper N C. He nor she has any personal integrity.

    Browny Douglas

    1. Three Congressional District party executive committees passed resolutions, that I think were all unanimous, demanding an investigation into Ada Fisher voting opposite the way she was instructed by the state executive committee on an important national rules issue that was a fight between grassroots control and top down control. Fisher returned to NC and lied about how she voted, apparently not aware that she had been caught on tape voting against the grassroots. Robin Hayes stonewalled on that investigation that three district executive committees were demanding. Robin Hayes is an anti-grassroots elitist.

      Ada Fisher was heavily involved in the conspiracy against Hasan Harnett. She apparently resented having to share the limelight of being the party’s leading black figure.

  3. Dallas Outhouse

    Thank you as always for your faithful service to your king. Every delegate has received my emails and postcards in the mail. Being a good faithful servant will get you far in the swamp kingom… Heck you may even be king some day.

    Don’t forget our plan to destroy the dissidents and Rebels in Dare Craven Gates and Haywood counties.

    My jet is low on fuel again cut me another check and keep pressing for membership dues.

    1. Robin, Robin, Robin! Take your meds and get a grip. Do you want people to think you are past it? Remember that little chat you had with our power group before we gave you the prize? You are the figurehead, sort of like the Queen of England, and the real power stays in the hands of our golden boy Dallas. The whole problem we had with Hasan was that he was not content to be a figurehead for Dallas, so we had to get rid of him.

  4. Regardless how much the truth has been corrupted and compromised by the Hayes/Woodhouse Administration nothing will change. The NCGOP’s establishment elitist have the advantage and will not be denied.

    Now let me clarify. Given the real possibility Mr. Womack wins the chairmanship how long will it take the stooges of Hayes/Woodhouse react with enduring harsh criticism to destroy?

    The tactics worked before with Hasan Harnett. Why not give the tree another shake? Just like the Democrats destroy anyone you don’t like.

    1. Well because this time there are now a few good people on the central committee to be leaders for truth transparency and integrity

  5. So the party’s choice is between a GOPe and a NeverTrumper?

    No thanks.

    1. your logic is always mystifying of all the people that use aliases here I do really wonder who you are because during moments reading your posts like this one I associate your posts with someone and I would hate to be doing that wrong but yea I am probably wrong

    2. Oh, is that the latest smear that establishment hacks Hayes and Woodhouse are spreading? Horse$hit!

        1. Is my information incorrect or didn’t Mr. Womack demonstrate at the national convention to Free the Vote?

          You people can whitewash the NeverTrumpers and the Cruzbots all you like but I will never forget it.

          Cruz stood at that podium and refused to endorse President Trump. You forgive. I don’t. And anyone who went to Cleveland and demonstrated against party unity by getting involved with that Free the Vote BS should not be the one to be in charge of building our party over the next 2 years.

          That is GOPe logic? Cruz lost. He will NEVER be President. Get over it.

          1. Sounds like Woodhouse and his crowd have been busy concocting smears, but what is new about that?

  6. Stop playing stupid elitists games NC GOP! When you all are long gone (yes we all have a specific time in earth), NC citizens will have to deal with your good old boy crap you leave behind. No one really expects fairness. You are known for being the opposite here lately. But we do EXPECT for you to put the citizens above the power grab. If only you followed what was best for the state and America. Wishful thinking, huh?

  7. Excuse me. Why are you ignoring me? I have not been mentioned not one time on this whole page. You know that can not be. I need to be the center of attention.

    Zan BundtCake

    1. Zan, I will admit you have played an important role. You were the point person on the floor in not giving the suckers an even break on the removal of Hasan. You made the motion to not allow discussion by the Executive Committee, counting on people wanting to go home to carry that position. The executive committee was functioning as a jury, and juries do normally deliberate with open discussion, but if we had allowed that, they may have figured out the serious holes in our case against Hasan. You were also the one who made the critical floor moves to force an immediate vote on a replacement. We had our candidate in Robin and did not want to let those pesky grassroots people to have time to come up with a candidate and organize to support him. Who cares if party precedent was to allow time for other candidates to come forward? And besides we did not want that grassroots party vice chairman Nix in office as Acting Chairman for the interim..

      You were also critical on the floor moves to change the election procedure for National Committeewoman at the last convention so that we could claim that Ada Fisher was elected and there would be nothing anyone could prove to the contrary. If we had allowed an honest vote with normal procedures, Ada would not still be committeewoman.

      But you were hardly alone. It was my son-in-law’s business associate Ken Robol who was the key in taking down Hasan. Those hacking stories he concocted out of thin air sure did the trick, and we even got many of those gullible ninnies on the executive committee to actually believe them. Scheduling the executive committee meeting for when Hasan was going to be out of the country was critical to pulling that one off.

      We of the elite need to stand together to keep our golden boy Dallas in power, and to do that we need to keep our figurehead Hayes as the nominal chairman.

  8. Some of these satire comments point to some uncomfortable truth. We have a gang in power in the NCGOP that does not want open and fair elections for party office. It was shown when they demanded an immediate election to fill the vacancy when Harnett was removed so conservatives would not have a chance to organize. It was shown again with the distorted method of counting votes for National Committeewoman, and it is shown yet again by their failure to previde the delegate information to anyone but their own candidate for chairman. This is a pattern of behavior that needs to be broken.

    The most important objective of the upcoming convention is to remove this crooked gang from power before they destroy the NCGOP.

  9. If I’m not mistaken, it was Dallas Woodhouse and Harvey West that were seen in the parking lot with Ken Robol , at the school where Robol teachs. Pen and paper in hand.

    Browny Douglas

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