Drive-bys working OT to split Trump, GOP candidates


The godawful NY Times came out with a report recently claiming that all kinds of GOP candidates are “distancing” themselves from Donald Trump.  The Times specifically included Ted Budd in that alleged  group of candidates.  The N&O and other NC drive-bys ran with that story, mentioning Budd and throwing in Bo Hines, as well.

How true is that allegation? I’m generally suspicious of ANYTHING I see in The N&O or the NYT.

I checked out Hines’s campaign site.  The only site I could find was THIS fundraising page.  Here’s what the home page looks like:

Hmmm.  He’s boasting about his Trump endorsement in the home page’s first sentence.  I have some qualms about twenty-something candidates with no substantial work experience seeking to manage our nation’s most important affairs.  (His opponent, Wiley Nickel, is not any better.) The NCGOP already has had sooooo  many candidates and incumbents meeting those specifications in DC and on Jones Street.  But this B.S. claim about running away from Trump has no merit whatsoever.

Let’s look at Budd.  You go to his campaign site and see a link labeled “Endorsements.”  The first thing you see upon clicking on that link is THIS:

Again, I don’t see a candidate hiding from Donald Trump.

*Back to the drawing board, eh, comrades?*