Dr. Creech, vultures are bipartisan.

ncgopThe media hysteria over the budget debate on Jones Street is reaching a crescendo.  Never mind that Democrats — when they were in charge — actually debated the budget until near the end of the actual calendar year.

State government doesn’t operate like the federal government.  There is no shutdown if a budget is not approved.  The state leviathan continues to roll on under the terms of the previous year’s budget.

The hysteria has apparently affected Dr. Mark Creech, head of the North Carolina Christian Action League:

One very hot day during the month of July a lion and a boar went to a pool of water for a drink. “Step aside,” said the boar to the lion, “I was here first.”

“I showed you where to find the water,” the lion replied angrily. “I should be the first to drink.” Swiftly the disagreement escalated from a verbal confrontation and the two started to attack each other with ferocity.

A few minutes later, stopping to catch their breath, they both saw a band of vultures soaring round and round above them, waiting for one of them to be killed. The sight so sobered them that they quickly made peace, saying, “If we continue to fight, the only winner will be the vultures.”

Although I have always been careful not to wade into partisan infightings, the calling of my pastoral office, as well as Christ’s command to be a peacemaker, moves me to issue a warning to many of my conservative friends in the NCGOP. If you continue to fight with each other, the only winner will be the vultures. […]

rinoCreech appears to still viewing politics from the framework of the Reagan era.  In that day and age, we had a party — the Republicans — actually fighting to reduce the size of government and cut taxes. We also had a party — the Democrats — devoted to expanding the bureaucracy and further embedding it into our lives.

In the post-Tea Party era, we have a different debate between the two main parties.  At the state and national level, the discussion is no longer about the scope of government, but rather about WHO can do a better job of managing government and our lives.

Pat McCrory, as mayor of Charlotte, regularly fought FOR tax increases over the protests of Queen City conservatives.  He aided and abetted Charlotte’s claim to being the “highest taxed locality” in North Carolina.  Senate nominee Thom Tillis has been an outspoken defender of alternative energy mandates that jack up the cost of energy in the state.  He also pushed through legislation setting up a state ObamaCare exchange.  (Thank God for the NC Senate, in that case.) The GOP-dominated General Assembly, GOP RINOS, OBAMACARTOONin response to Bill Barber’s claims about “cutting education,” defended themselves by pointing out that they were spending $400 million MORE than Bev Perdue’s last budget.

Things aren’t much better in DC.  Our GOP senator sided with our Democrat senator in opposing the repeal of ObamaCare.  At least two GOP members of our US House delegation publicly poo-pooed the repeal of ObamaCare.  The Republicans we send to Washington regularly aid the Democrats in jacking up spending and increasing our already unmanageable, unsustainable debt.

North Carolina’s Republican US senator helped finance a campaign in Mississippi to paint the Tea Party as akin to The Klan.

Many of us watch in frustration and anger — seething over the fact that we were lied to and played for fools. Yet, on a daily basis, we’re told that we need to shut up and keep turning out votes for these charlatans.  *It’s better to have Thom Tillis in Washington than Kay Hagan, we’re told.* Why?  He’s an R. She’s a D.  Rs manage the government better than Ds do. 

RINO123People like Dr. Creech tell us we don’t need to worry about the fact that the GOP doesn’t stand for much anymore.  We need to keep quiet and keep voting right, we’re told.  Rs are better than Ds.

I respectfully disagree.  We’re nearing the point where R=D.  I wonder if Creech would make the same argument about shutting up and going along to get along in reference to a church that said: “Oh, we need to stop worrying about people living together outside of marriage and having babies together.  We need to be inclusive and start letting gays and lesbians get married in our sanctuary.”

Dr. Creech, Mark Harris, and many others took a courageous, principled stand in fighting for the marriage amendment to the state constitution.  To those folks — and many others — principles still matter.

Write-in candidates, and public pressure on Republicans, are a great way for that sector of the GOP still clinging to heart-felt principles to make a difference.  If the ‘Me-Too’ Republicans choose to ignore these Tea Party folks — and end up losing a close race thanks to write-in candidates or people staying home — it’s their own stupid fault.  The Republican Party and its leaders need to sell themselves to the grassroots. It’s the American way.

People are worried about whether we will still have an economy, a state, or a nation in the near future.  They want to see and hear more than shucking-and-jiving from Gov. Pat, and Bald Head Island beachfront pig-picking’s with Claude Pope.

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  1. The Democrats much prefer to pass major bills without even reading them. Their liberal media allies have the same groupthink mindset. That’s why a substantive debate over the actual contents of legislation is so alien to them.. The train wreck known as Obamacare is a good example. We need more, not less, of our elected officials to actually pay attention to the contents of bills.

  2. Here is what Conservatives in Davie County are doing.

    The next meeting of the Davie County Republican Party is August 19th, at 7:00 pm, at the Davie County Courthouse (www.daviecountygop.net/).

    At this meeting Conservative Davie County Republicans will be calling for the adoption of an official process for disciplining Republican candidates and incumbents for actions and behavior that jeopardizes the Republican Party.

    This first step, of many to come, will position us well for providing local Davie County Republicans the ability to significantly impact the way we are governed.

  3. Dr. Creech is a good man–in fact, one of the most principled conservatives in the state. But, unfortunately, Mississippi has changed everything. The Republican base no longer trusts the GOP establishment–and for good reason. After Mississippi, conservatives do not trust Republicans. The same people who bought the primary for Tillis accused conservative Republicans in Mississippi and the Tea Party in general of being racists and worse. Conservatives will never again blindly support the GOP establishment in Washington or in NC. This is the new reality.

  4. I think that Tillis is a big bad RINO, but he is still better then Hagan. We have to join together to defeat the democrats at all levels. Neither of the political machines are good, but the republican machine is less evil then the democrats. And a vote for a 3rd party person at this time is a vote for the democrats.

    1. Is the Republican amnesty for ilegal invaders that Tillis supports worse or the Democrat amnesty for illegal invaders that Hagan supports worse? Both kind of seem equally bad for US. What you thought that the Republican establishment supports ensuring the sovereignty of the United States? Not a chance. Remember nifty NAFTA/CAFTA supporting Robin Hayes when he voted for this travesty? Without a doubt, the Republican establishment and their poster boy Tillis support amnesty for illegal invaders.

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