The drive-by media and ‘the do-rag rule’

liberal-media-biasThe latest news about the murder of a UNC-Chapel Hill professor brings to mind the ‘do-rag’ rule  —  a term first coined by or friend Bob Lee Swagger.  What is the do-rag rule, you ask?  Let Professor Swagger himself explain: 

[…] Back in the “Melanie Sill Era”, the N&O decreed that crime prevention was secondary to extreme political correctness so race and skin-color were not factors in apprehending thugs and hoodlums.  To circumvent this, crime beat reporters would include “wearing a do-rag or a hoodie” or “reeking of malt liquor”.

John Drescher’s N&O abolished this silliness.  Over at WRAL old habits die hard.  Crime suspects are still only grouped by gender, species and brand of jeans. […]

I *love* reading or viewing crime news stories which describe the suspect as “young men in their 20s wearing jeans.”  Wow.  That narrows it down to a couple hundred thousand people.  

Our local thrice Pulitzer-nominated, twice-weekly local paper once published a crime news story identifying a suspect as “more than six feet tall, between 250 and 300 lbs., and wearing a Polo shirt.”   A friend, who had also read the story, called me to jokingly ask if I had an alibi for the night this incident occurred. 

The N&O hasn’t fully moved on from the ‘do-rag’ era.  In their coverage of the murder of the UNC professor,  you have to really search for mug shots confirming the culprits were actually young black men. If this had been a black person murdered by white guys, you’d likely have a big ol’ photo of the perp walk.  

The drive-bys typically go bonkers when they get a case featuring a black person being killed by a non-black person.  Like this story from Florida.   Or Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.   Or the black former football player shot by a Charlotte police officer.  The Washington Post even has a blog devoted to keeping black folks riled up against whitey.    Circumstances be damned.  We’ve got violence against an “oppressed minority” by someone of a different race.  *JACKPOT!*

Here, in Chapel Hill, we have a professor of Asian descent murdered by two young black men.  The drive-bys are breaking their necks to hide the race of the two suspects.  We’re even getting a sob story about how one of them was going through drug treatment.

The drive-bys downplayed the race of the two suspects (black) who murdered and robbed (white) UNC student Eve Carson.

In Durham, we keep hearing about assaults on The American Tobacco Trail.  The drive-bys tamp down the fact that the suspects usually tend to be young black men, and that the trail — beloved by walkers and joggers — passes right by a number of public housing projects. 

It’s tamped down because it’s not helpful to the left’s official, deceitful narrative: The all-powerful white folks are on the hunt against this “oppressed” but very loyal leftist / Democrat voting bloc.  Keep them angry and scared, and they’ll stay right here with us on the liberal plantation. 

There is a great book out there called “White Girl Bleed A Lot.”  It goes into detail about the concerted effort by leftists and their drive-by media allies to hide and downplay the growing problem of violence by black perpetrators against people of other races.

You don’t fix a problem by pretending it doesn’t exist.