Does O-Care cover getting SCREWED OVER?




We hear a lot about ObamaCare / KayCare from political activists, politicians, hacks extraordinaire.  We’ve got one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation.  North Carolina is one of the states hit hardest by O-Care.  Well, pull up a chair, boys and girls. It’s story time. I’ve got a personal account of an ObamaCare nightmare from one of our readers, named Tim, who hails from the Triangle area.  He’s getting smacked by BOTH our unemployment AND O-Care problems:

I am unemployed.

IF you lose your job, *normally* you would COBRA the thing, or better

yet, get a (now banned) catastrophic policy. I thought I was gonna be

covered by a new employer, job fell thru about the day after I needed

to pay COBRA, so I got a $89/month plan from BCBS.

This week, I got a letter telling me that I *must* convert to a bronze

plan. Since I got my plan after Oct 1, I had no choice. Price,

$400/month. The trouble is that I made more that $44,860 this year,

and therefore I cannot get any subsidy. Soooo… I gotta pay


Trouble is, of course, is that I get $350/month in unemployment. The

fact that I’m on unemployment doesn’t budge this system, just the

total income for this year.

See the problem?

As I recall, a vast percentage of the uninsured in 2008 were uninsured

due to job change/loss. We now are learning that the unemployed can

very well fall through a HUGE hole, and even if they used to get

coverage, will no longer have that option! BCBS-NC tells me that they

are getting tons of these calls in their call center.

*Some* of us tried to explain that the ACA had tons of problems when

it was passed. That *some* media outlets were dismissive of our

concerns remains a sore spot.

PS — I am unemployed due to the gov’t shutdown. My IT projects, which

I had lined up for at least the next 6 months, were canceled once the

clients got wind of the shutdown. Since one of the proposed

settlements was an agreement if the White House postponed the

individual mandate for 12 months, I feel that Obamacare is responsible

for both my lack of employment as well as my lack of health insurance.

ObamaCare is doing a lot of damage to people’s personal lives.  We can have Democrats tell us O-Care is good for us, and Republicans telling us it needs to be replaced or tweaked.  While the establishment dickers over the details, real harm is being inflicted on real people.  People are WORSE OFF than they were before this travesty got pushed through the Congress.  

To those of you who bad-mouthed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and rammed through that spending bill that funded O-Care and ended the PARTIAL government shutdown — stuff like what Tim is dealing with is ON YOU.  (I’m talking to you Dick, Kay, Renee, Robert, Patrick, Howard and Virginia.)

To those of you who tucked tail and went along with the Murray-Ryan budget deal, which also funded O-Care, stuff like what Tim is going through is ON YOU.  I’m talking to you — Kay, Renee, Patrick, Richard, Howard and Robert.