“Did you see who was standing behind him?”

I asked a number of honorables on Jones Street about their votes in favor of the Blue Cross NC ‘sweetheart’ deal.  Surprisingly, the question — asked in THIS post’s headline — or some variation of it was in every answer I got.

Seriously?  We’re led to believe that our legislators are debating the issues passionately and forcefully. We hear they are doing all kinds of intensive research.  But it turns out, they’re placing a HUGE amount of importance on who is in the background of each bill’s pro- and con- press conference.

Various honorables had the audacity to tell me they ignored Mike Causey and stood firm with Blue Cross because Causey had – *gasp* – some liberals standing behind him at his press conference.   The meat and potatoes — the details – of the legislation were a distant second (or not even in the running).

Until a few weeks ago, Tricia Cotham was one of those – *gasp* – liberals.  Now, she has an (R) after her name. So, now she’s apparently Oh-tay.

(Catherine Truitt stood behind Tricia Cotham at her party-switch press conference.  The word out of Raleigh is that Cotham is being primed to run for the job Truitt now holds.)

I hate to break it to you.  But an (R) next to your name does not exclude you from classification as a liberal.  Thom Tillis, you may recall, has an (R) next to his name.  

Don’t let Raleigh politicos fool you.  The battle is no longer (R) vs. (D).  It’s liberal vs. conservative. You have a surprising number of the latter in each of the former. 

If moronic “logic” such as WHO is standing behind WHO is now the controlling factor in how legislators vote, WE and THIS STATE are in HUGE TROUBLE.