Democrat NC SPIN-ster behind stealth attack on GOP judges?



For months, voters in this area have been bombarded with propaganda from a group called Citizens For A Competent Judiciary blasting  District Court Judges Skipper Creed and Rob Wilkins.  Both men are registered Republicans and run their courtrooms in a conservative-leaning manner.

Randolph County attorneys Jane Redding and Bobby McCroskey — both registered Republicans — have filed to run against the two incumbents.  There’s been a lot of speculation about who is really behind this Citizens for a Competent Judiciary group, which has been attacking the incumbents and thereby (indirectly) giving aid and comfort to the two challengers.  Well,  a whois inquiry into the domain name for the group’s web site proved to be very enlightening.

The domain is registered to Clark Coggins, vice-president of a Raleigh-based firm called Campaign Connections.   The  president of the firm is none other than Brad Crone — a prominent Democrat campaign consultant who is a regular panelist on the NC Spin television show — a North Carolina version of The McLaughlin Group.

Something more interesting than that is the list of the firm’s clients. (Democrats galore !!!)

Hmmm.  Could CCJ be a stealth effort to elect some donkeys in elephant clothing?  This judicial district is yellow-dog Republican country.

We have already seen evidence that the Democrats are working hard to knock  Justice Paul Newby off of the Supreme Court and replace him with Democrat loyalist Sam Ervin IV.  It’s pretty obvious state Dems are going to lose some congressional seats, the governor’s mansion, and will continue to be in the minority in the General Assembly.  Democrat efforts to defend their Council of State incumbents have been stepped up.  It appears state Democrats may be looking to offset their impending losses by holding their Council of State majority and strengthening their position in the state’s judicial branch.