Google, your bias is showing. (How old are we? Four?)

North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Martin Newby— a conservative —  is locked in a reelection dogfight with Sam Ervin IV — namesake and ancestor of the legendary Democrat U.S. Senator Sam Ervin.  The race is key to shifting the balance of power on the court. A Newby loss could mean very good things for liberal interests seeking to overturn the latest round of legislative and congressional redistricting.

I recently ran a Google search on Newby(Nowadays, when you run a search, Google gives you a brief summary on the person or place you are searching for in the  top right corner of the screen.  )  The title for the summary spells out the justice’s full name:  Paul Martin Newby.  But the first sentence of the summary’s first paragraph presents the justice’s name as: Paul Fartin Newby.  (Fartin? Really?  Har-de-har-har.  I can hear Beavis and Butthead giggling now.)

Google’s support for leftist icons like Obama and Clinton have been well-documented.  Google has allowed pornographic search results to show up first in searches for former US Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s name.  Ever notice how search results from leftist sources almost always tend to get top billing when you run searches?

This is not like wikipedia, where anybody can come in and alter stuff.  FARTIN had to be typed in by a Google employee.  This “typo” is childish, stupid and highly disrespectful.  It needs to be corrected post-haste.


2 thoughts on “Google, your bias is showing. (How old are we? Four?)

  1. Actually, that summary box is a direct quote of Wikipedia, where the same “typo” exists.

    If someone with a wikipedia account wanted to, they could easily go change that and it will change the Google summary also.

    See the typo on Wikipedia for yourself:

    I know because my own summary is a direct quote of wikipedia, and I went and verified the same thing is happening with Judge Newby.

    In other words, it’s NOT Google doing that but Wikipedia. Google is just quoting Wikipedia. Some juvenile on Wikipedia did this.

    It appears that on 20 February 2012 the information was correct, and then on 25 September 2012 someone with the IP vandalized the page very badly. Most of the damage has been corrected, but some errors remain.

    And yes, the “Fartin” was clearly intentional.

    Here is the link to the original vandalization:

    Here is the link pre-vandalization:

    To fix this (and other issues caused by the vandal) all someone has to do is have a wikipedia account and go fix it. I do not or I would.

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