Dem Source: White House & unions pushed Bev out













I was out at a social event recently when I ran into an old family friend — a former Democrat legislator who is still active in his party.  I asked him for his thoughts on Big Bev’s surprise departure.  My jaw dropped when he told me he knew Bev was GONE as early as October 2011!

My source told me he got approached at that time by a friend who was a “player” with the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) – and another person introduced to him as an official with SEIU:

“My friend with the state employees union told me Obama and his boys had asked SEIU to contact the state employees union to put pressure on Bev to step down, to not seek reelection.  The White House had numbers showing Bev hurting Obama in North Carolina.  DC wants North Carolina BAD.  They knew she was going to throw a monkey wrench into things.  These folks from the unions came to me to get me to call her and tell her to get out.”

WOW.  Interesting.


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  1. Per NCGS § 143C-2-1, Governor Perdue is Director of the NC Budget. So it wasn’t a good idea for her to ignore the State auditor’s audit of the NC Administrative Office of the Courts which revealed over $100 million in mismanaged funds, and then to award Chief Justice Sarah Parker a lifetime achievement award (because Parker oversees the NC AOC per NCGS 7A-33, and 7A-34).

    Yesterday the USDOJ released its report on the NC AOC which revealed gross mismanagement of federal funds and subsequent constitutional abuse of thousands of defendants in NC. Gov. Perdue can no longer cover up the crime in the AOC. If she’s lucky, she won’t go to jail for the next 14 years like ex-Illinois governor is for public corruption.

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