DEI / CRT supporters trying to have it BOTH WAYS

The apostles of critical race theory and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) demand that drastic action and special steps be taken to grow the population of “oppressed” minorities in colleges and workplaces.  But they will lose what’s left of their collective minds if you dare to broach the subject of whether standards were lowered or special racial or gender preferences were utilized to achieve increases in those populations.

This is the latest turn of events in the left’s efforts to gloss over the poor quality of service provided by our public school systems as well as the failure of the socialist left’s beloved social welfare state. The current system isn’t working?  Well, just bend the rules.  Deny admissions or benefits to some white folks if you have to, in order to balance out “the numbers.”

I attended George Washington University in Washington, DC.  I’ll never forget a conversation with some friends from Georgetown University.  I noted that several of our basketball players were in some of my classes.  I asked my GU friends if they ever saw any of the Georgetown players around campus.

They laughed, and told me it just doesn’t happen.  They told me that, at the time, basketball players would be admitted at Georgetown but would attend classes at The University of The District of Columbia — basically a glorified community college — via an arrangement called a “consortium.” The black players, of course, got counted as part of the school’s racial statistics. But they got treated with kid gloves, when compared to other students at GU.

*Bend the rules if you have to — but you damn well bulk up the numbers of women and people-of-color (POCs) in your student body or workforce.  Screw hard work, high standards, and playing by the rules.*

That’s what today’s lefties demand of us.  But question their tactics, or raise questions about the possible short-changing of white people and men  as well as these POCs and women, and you’ll get subjected to some supersonic screaming.  You’ll spend years trying to prove you are not some kind of hell-spawned bigot.

State Rep. Jeff McNeely (R) got a high-profile lesson about this week over on Jones Street.  Democrats made a huge deal about state Rep. Abe Jones having run track and graduated from Harvard.  McNeely asked Jones if he believed he would have had a shot at Harvard if he had not been a POC or an athlete.

(For what it’s worth, Harvard is notorious for its draconian affirmative action practices in hiring and admissions.  It’s also gained notoriety for all kinds of watered-down ”whiteness AND maleness are evil” courses in its curriculum.  But then again, so has my alma mater.) 

The way the media and the Dem comrades reacted, you would have thought McNeely had uttered the notorious N-word.  Instead of standing strong, McNeely tucked his tail and apologized. (I’m sure he got several earfuls from Speaker Timmy and his entourage.) 

If the goal truly is a relationship of respect between men and women and people of all colors, special preferences for admissions or hiring are not the way to go.  Those create the impression that women and people of color are not capable of meeting or exceeding the standards everyone else is held to, and that those hires or admitted students are therefore inferior to their peers.