DC still not GETTING IT: private backroom negotiations, tax increases dominate final hours before so-called “fiscal cliff”

mad as hellWe’ve moved from Boehner and Obama meeting privately to McConnell and Biden meeting privately.  Never mind those 534 OTHER FOLKS, duly elected by the people,  on Capitol Hill and that pesky old Constitution thingie.
West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has introduced the so-called CALM Act, which DOES raise taxes — but only over a three year period.  How thoughtful.   McConnell and Biden are talking about a bill that raises taxes on everyone over $450,000.  You know, the folks who invest in businesses and employ people.  Great way to jump-start the economy, guys.   Dingy Harry Reid (D-Nev.) — the chief crime boss in the US Senate — not to be outdone, has his own evil plan to raise taxes on everyone above $250,000.

No one is talking about cutting back on wasteful spending, like ALL of us do in our businesses and households when expenses become larger than income.  No one is bothering to follow the legislative process laid out in The Constitution.  You know, the one we all learned about in ABC’s School House Rock videos.  The DC establishment –with their closed backroom wheeling-dealing —  is disrespecting, in a major way, the document that made this country the great place it truly is.   It’s been roughly 18 months since they raised the debt ceiling.  Congress and Obama have KNOWN for THAT LONG that this day was coming.  There is NO EXCUSE for not having our fiscal house in order.  (It’s too bad that we don’t have a ‘no confidence’ option like so many parliamentary governments around the world.)

The media is demagoguing this fiscal cliff thing as hard as they can.  Various politicos are scrambling to get good press for “doing something.” The leaders of the GOP — allegedly the conservative party — appear to have bought into the idea that tax increases are needed.  In the meantime, we the people — and our economy — are preparing ourselves for one hell of a rough 2013.