Davie County school board member gets all unhinged on Mark Robinson


It’s incredibly, um —  *brave* to attack someone long-distance.  Or to hide behind an alias and a fake email address while doing the same.  Believe me, I’ve seen enough of both cowardly moves.   I put my name on everything I say.

Mark Robinson and I are both big men. (We both shop in the Big & Tall section of the store.) It’s understandable that most people don’t want to talk trash to our faces.

I’ve had many of my targets not say a word to me or about me when we’re in the same room. (But they will talk about me after I leave.)

At a recent Davie County school board meeting, one of the board members decided to take on the notably absent lieutenant governor of our fair state:

To say that David Carroll disagrees with Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson may be the understatement of the year.

The member of the Davie Board of Education, while discussing test scores, asked Erin Foil, director of student accountability, if she had compared Davie’s scores to those from charter schools or those from similar school districts.

Foil said she had not.

“The only reason I point that out is because we have a lieutenant governor in this state who’s wanting to be governor who dislikes public schools,” Carroll said. “In fact, he feels they’re inferior to charter schools, even though if you look at the performance of charter schools, they don’t hold up to the proficiency of … Davie County.

“They (charter schools) don’t meet the state standards, yet they have this flexibility that they’re really not held to meeting the obligations by the state.

“Yet, he touts charter schools as the only way to go and it disturbs me greatly, because he spits out this stuff … off the cuff … and from the statistics I’ve seen, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s way out there.”

There was no response to Carroll’s comments.

Just for giggles, here is the video of this guy’s rant. (Go the “0:43:36” mark.)

“Hates public schools”, eh?  It’s kind of like how they respond to one’s critique of the radical gay political agenda:  “YOU HATE GAYS.”

Everyone they disagree with is bad.  They’re Hitler.  (Worse than Hitler.)

It’s not a matter of “disliking public schools.”  It’s actually about disliking what the unions and leftist public school bureaucrats have done to our schools.  The mission is about scooping up more and more cash.  Making kids competitive is a distant, distant second.

Charter schools create an environment where parents get a choice about educating their kids.  They and their kids are not painted into a corner and forced to fund or attend a violent, overcrowded poorly-performing public school.  It’s been proven time and again that competition improves all the players or eliminates the weak ones.

It’s nice to have a monopoly — to have all that tax money to yourself.  You don’t have any customers to woo or impress.You don’t have to perform to any serious standards.  The kiddies will be forced to come back next year.

The folks who have had an iron-fisted grip on the tax money for oh so long are the ones hollering the loudest about charter schools.  No one has a divine right to our tax dollars. No one.