Must-Watch TV


One of the most important things you could do this month would be to watch The EpochTimes’s The Real Story of Jan.6.(It’s streamed free throughout September.)

It will make you mad as hell.  It will also throw a scare into you regarding where we are as a country and where we are going.

The video contains some fascinating video footage from that day that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Some takeaways:

  • It appears that some of the Capitol Police were agitating the demonstrators into a violent frenzy by deploying fire hoses, pepper spray and concussion grenades against them. Some demonstrators were actually set on fire by the grenades.   Initially, the “dangerous” crowd was doing scary things like singing “Amazing Grace.”
  • Apparently, four Trump supporters died that day.  No cops or other security people did.  Where has that been reported in the drive-by media?
  • One of the women who died was, first, seriously injured by being trampled by the crowd scuffling with police.  Video shows, as she laid unconscious on the ground, a black female officer hit her several times with a baton. The woman was white. The officer was black and female. So, there was no George Floyd-like frenzy.
  • Up to 20 “suspicious actors” are identified on video.  Every time trouble broke out, at least two of these “actors” were in close proximity to it. Several of them had that law-enforcement bearing / demeanor — even while wearing plain-clothes and MAGA hats.  Some of these “actors” were seen running away from the Capitol to about a mile away where Trump had spoken.  They were reportedly encouraging Trump supporters there to head over to the Capitol.  None of the 20 have ever been identified by name or charged.
  • One young demonstrator, who attempted to calm down his fellow demonstrators, got hit with four federal felonies and jailed days after the event.  The young man, overwhelmed by his first criminal charges and  the expected legal bill, took his own life.
  • Video also showed an unarmed female demonstrator being repeatedly slammed and  bounced around against a block wall by shield-wielding armed cops.
  • A renowned police use-of-force expert said on video that the cops did not utilize standard training for dispersing a crowd.  He said they appeared to be “punishing” the demonstrators rather than attempting to dispersing them.
  • The OathKeepers –currently being tried by the DOJ — are shown on the video aiding police in the effort to calm the situation.  One video segment showed OathKeepers escorting officers to safety and out of The Capitol through the crowd. One female demonstrator was shown hugging each officer as they passed her.

This video flies in the face of everything we have been sold about the events of January 6, 2021. It was a travesty and a tragedy.  There were a number of people wearing badges who really need to explain themselves.

Verify everything the government and the drive-by media tries to sell you.  What I saw on the video looked more like news footage from Latin American dictatorships and former European communist dictatorships.  The police present that day deserve a lot of heat and a lot of questions.

People are sitting in jail, in solitary confinement, for the heinous crime of standing near the exterior of The Capitol.  Many of them have no firm charges, hearing dates, or trial dates.

This is not America.

Watch the video.  Share it with everyone you know and care about.