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There were a lot of county GOP conventions today.  In the 3rd and 9th congressional districts, there were a higher number of candidates in attendance than at other county gatherings.  (*I’m told there are some sort of special elections coming up in both locales.*)

So, without further ado:

Attendance.    I’m hearing that the GOP grassroots is not exhibiting a lot of excitement this year.  Many counties that met today reported poorer-than-average attendance than previous years.  Over in the 9th district, Union County — arguably with one of the largest cohorts of Republican voters in the state (2nd largest in the 9th) — had attendance numbers that will easily be beat by counties around the state with much smaller GOP registration.  People are worn out, I am hearing. 

Robin Hayes goes down, literally. We’re told the state chairman experienced a serious fall at his home convention in Cabarrus County.  EMS was alerted, but I’m told Hayes was able to drive himself home following the incident.  From a health perspective, we’re wishing him a speedy recovery and all the best.  Rockin’ Robin is going to need every ounce of strength he can get to withstand what Jim Womack is about to subject him to.

Ma Cotten smacked down in Chatham.   In a followup to a recent post, we’re told that Joyce Cotten’s Hayes & Woodhouse-blessed plan to take the Chatham County GOP chairmanship was rebuffed.   The plan, hatched at party HQ in Raleigh, was for Ma Cotten to seek the recently-vacated county chairman post and funnel some money given to that county party by Eli Global — currently being probed by the FBI and US DOJ — back to the NCGOP state coffers.  Cotten was smacked down officially when interim county chairman Terry Smith was convinced not to step down and to serve another full term.

Recycling 2017.  There’s a state chairman’s race going on, if you haven’t noticed.  And the same two candidates from 2017 are back at it in 2019.  So, why not recycle some of the same crap that was slung around in 2017?

In 2017, Jim Womack warned that reelecting Robin Hayes would mean electoral and financial disasters for the party in coming years.  He’s been  proven right. 

In 2017,  Hayes told delegates Jim Womack did not have the “temperament” or “fundraising expertise” to be party chairman.

In 2019, both sides are doubling down on their 2017 spin.  Who’s right?

  • Look no further than  the Ninth Congressional District debacle.  NCGOP HQ has stumbled and bumbled to the point that the Democrats are very close to stealing a congressional seat they have not held in 60 years.   And they’ve allowed the driveby media  and the Democrats to paint the NCGOP as the “party of vote fraud” when all available evidence suggests that Democrats have thrived in this state thanks, in no small part, to  CHEATING.

    Meanwhile, the Lee County Republican Party — under Womack’s leadership — nearly captured majorities  on the county’s board of education and board of commissioners.  

  • And let’s talk about fundraising.  Hayes went on record, in front of the drivebys, ENCOURAGING campaign finance law violations. NCGOP HQ has spent six to seven figures each year on outside “fundraising consultants” not-named-Hayes.

There’s a recently installed state party treasurer who has been repeatedly reprimanded and fined for his handling of finances for SMALLER organizations.  Hayes, himself, is reported to be featured on an FBI surveillance tape during a meeting with a contributor accused of — among other things — trying to unduly influence politicians with cash.

Contrast that with what we’re hearing  from Lee County Republican candidates who testify of being swamped with cash during a very good 2018 cycle for the Lee County Republican Party.

If you LIKED what Robin Hayes and Dallas Woodhouse did for you in 2018,  you’re going to LOVE 2020.  (And so will the Democrats.)

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  1. Just last year a county chairman when questioned about small numbers at the county convention said they did not care how many people showed up. Poor leadership is rotting the party from the inside out

    1. They don’t care, because they still get their full voting strength. This “weighted voting” crap has GOT to go.

      1. The problem with doing that is that the convention can then be controlled by whatever urban area you place it in, since their delegates can drive to the convention with a whole lot less expense that more distant countries.

      2. Agree with the stated problem but disagree with this premise. Like what the Electoral College does for smaller states, weighted voting keeps rural counties from being even more irrelevant versus the urban counties, than they already are.

        1. The chairman vote should be one vote per county this would help to solve the issue and make each delegate that shows up more valuable in making sure their pick wins their county and this would not allow the urban areas to dominate with every county being equal and then requiring like a 60+ county threshold to win

  2. And Many lifetime Grassroots Republicans in Haywood County are still Banned from Attending our own County Conventions
    Mr. John Lewis

    Here is a little more Information on the No Trespass Letters Me and other Lifelong Haywood Republicans were sent
    Just how many Republicans in the State of North Carolina have been Targeted with these “NO TRESPASS ” Letters from your NCGOP Legal team?
    Banning them from attending meetings in their OWN County
    Or other forms of legal harassment preventing them from taking part in or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Grievance against Tom Stark, General Counsel for NCGOP, filed with the NC Bar Association, for sending me a NOTICE OF TRESPASS. Part I. 4/2/2018…

    Grievance against Tom Stark, General Counsel for NCGOP, filed with the NC Bar Association, for sending me a NOTICE OF TRESPASS. Part II. 4/2/2018…

    3rd Grievance against Tom Stark, General Counsel for NCGOP, filed with the NC Bar Association, by K.G. Watson. False assertions that Michele Nix, Dallas Woodhouse, Robin Hayes and Aubrey Woodard are his clients. 5/1/2018…

    Another Grievance against Tom Stark, General Counsel for NCGOP, filed with the NC Bar Association, by Seaira and Eddie Cabe. Stark crosses my threshold and goes after a minor. Stark should rot and burn in HELL. 5/25/2018…

    a little more info to refresh your memory

    Unfortunately Mr. Stark Passed Away before this little “No Trespass ” Letter scandal was resolved.
    And Now According to the NCGOP it has fallen into your lap.

    We are looking forward to resolving this Issue ASAP

    Yours Truly Eddie Cabe
    Life Long Republican
    Banned by the NCGOP

    1. They are wimpy in fighting Democrats, as shown by their inept response to the 9th district situation, but hell on wheels fighting conservatives within the party as shown by the Haywood County purge. At least that is true of the Woodhouse / Hayes establishment.

      1. It is certainly true of the state establishment level, but it is also true throughout the party; some counties worse than others.

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