“Civility,” “Ending drama” basically code for crushing dissent, preserving and protecting big government status quo

If the governing class had their way, we’d all just sit there quietly, pay our money every April, and just tolerate the cronyism and the oppressive taxes and regulations they heap on us.  I hate to break it to a lot of you out there.  Most people can only take so much.  And when they hit their limit, the reaction is normally neither quiet, polite, “civil” nor “drama-free.”

If our founders had maintained “civility” or acted to “preserve ambience,” we’d all still sound like those people on PBS movies and regularly be asking God to “save” the Queen. 

I recently heard from an ally and political operative from Beaufort County who shared a story that sounds a lot like some crap happening right here in Moore County.  Who knows?  It might even be happening in YOUR county, as well.

Here’s the word from Beaufort:

[…] Parties not representing folks in my world. More times than not they’re foe not friend.

Recent example. My county just elected several conservative Repub school board members. Of course, no help from local party. Some beat RINOs. Some beat lib Dems. Already, county Repub Party in public on warpath with new members, saying we got to do something about ”them new ones.” Citizens ask “Why?” Repub officers say, “They’re disrupting everything.” Citizens say, “We sent them to disrupt wokeness. They doing good.”

Think about it. Repub Party entirely fine with silent weak as water Board of Governors and Board of Trustees re: wokeness. Hear the crickets?? Repub Party want more like them on school boards.

What next Repub Party? Big talk at Reagan Day Dinner, write checks to RINOs, then have entertainment like transgender story hour over some drinks? No don’t think so. […]

Change IS disruptive.  It shakes up the “ambience.”  

Some Moore County Board of Education seats are on the ballot this March.  We elected an overwhelming conservative majority the last go-around.  Since that time, the bolshevik, blood-sucking, money-sucking bureaucrats in the county schools central office have teamed with our bolshevik local newspaper to screech incessantly about “civility” and a “toxic environment.”

Apparently, we’re all to sit quietly while the little ones are brainwashed into believing there are more than two genders, that our founders were oppressive and racist, and that we need to give up the rewards we’ve worked so hard to accrue in life.  Most people in government bureaucracies — as well as in the remaining drive-by media organizations — hate us for being people of faith, believing there are only two genders and that only women can have babies, and for believing in the inherent good of capitalism.  They simply want us to keep forking over our cash and to shut the hell up while they continue practicing their black magic.

In Moore County, thanks to the nonsense propagated by the local paper and the edu-crats, we have a slew of school board candidates on the March ballot promising a return to “civility” and “decorum” in public school administration.  (Some are even pledging to be “a voice” for administrators and teachers.  *Screw those pesky parents and taxpayers.*)

Those are un-holy warriors acting on behalf of the big government crowd seeking to snatch back what the voters “took” from them in the last election. You can be a fool and vote for “civility.”  And keep sitting there quietly while your cash keeps getting used to addle your kids’ brains.

Or you can stand by your conservative leaders while they keep fighting the good fight on your behalf.  Change is loud and often messy.  But the public schools — like most of our government – are failing us and our children miserably.  Sitting there quietly and continuing to let the cash-gobbling bureaucrats do what they want unchallenged is not going to get the job done.