Checking in with ol’ Thom

Those of us on the right were told to relax — give the man some time.  Our reservations about the prospect of US Senatorthomsigh Thom Tillis would prove to be unfounded.  Well, we thought we’d check in on the Duke of Huntersville to see how his time in DC has been so far.

We’ve been hit lately with a lot of acronyms like TPA, TPP and TAA.  Here’s what Alabama senator Jeff Sessions says about it all: 

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) declared TPA’s “entire purpose” is “for Congress to surrender its power to the executive branch” and said TPP was a “nascent European Union” in a speech on the Senate floor Monday.

Sessions wondered, “Why do we have to create a transnational union, an institution that has the power, as I will explain, to impact the laws of the United States of America? It’s not necessary.”

He added, “It [TPP] will be a living agreement, and that means that the entity itself, the commission, will then be entitled to make it say different things, eliminate provisions it doesn’t like, add provisions it does like. In fact, the commission is required to meet regularly and to hear advice for changes from outside groups, from inside committees of the commission, so that they can update the situation to changed to circumstances.”

Sessions then stated, “It is a breathtaking event. It says it’s designed to promote the international movement of people, services and products, basically the same language used to start the European Union. In fact, I have referred to it as a nascent European Union.”

Sessions predicted TPA would lead to passage of a trans-Atlantic agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (TTIP) which he supposed would have a similar commission.

He continued, addressing those who claimed TPA would restrict the president’s power, stating, “Give me a break. If this were true, why would the president want it? … The entire purpose of fast-track is for Congress to surrender its power to the executive branch for six years.”tillis listen

Later, Sessions turned to the Trade in Services Agreement, (TiSA), saying, “the European Union Commission specifies that this services agreement, TiSA, will be modeled on the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).” Sessions argued that this showed that TiSA would impact US immigration policy, because back when the US joined the WTO in 1994, it signed GATS and agreed to issue a certain number of visas annually.

He further added that he was starting to believe President Obama is pushing for TPP because the international commission will give him “powers that he believes will allow him to advance agendas.”

There has been all kinds of coverage about how the details of these agreements have been kept top secret and under lock and key.  Anybody else bothered by having something foisted upon us that we can’t see the details of, and that a lot of our representatives haven’t read?  How about all of these Republicans publicly fretting about Obama being embarrassed and weakened? 

Now, let all that soak in as you watch this video of Thom Tillis on Fox Business Channel talking about how “hopeful” he is about all of this passing the Congress.   Better yet, watch ol’ Thom cheerlead HERE for TPA, TAA and TPP before the leftist Republican group The Ripon Society.