Campaign 2014: NC candidates want Lt. Dan

I communicate regularly with a number of Dan-Forestelected officials at the state and local levels across North Carolina. The drive-bys have been speculating about WHO among the Democrat candidates would welcome Barry Obama swinging by for some campaign help. I decided to pose a similar question to some GOP incumbents and candidates who will be on the ballot in 2014: Who would you like to have campaign with you? 

I asked one Republican legislator if he would like to have Gov. Pat McCrory campaign with him.  “Pardon my French,” the legislator responded. “But, Hell No!” I asked the same thing about Thom Tillis, and got a very similar response.  Well, who would you like to have campaign with you or for you? 

”Dan Forest,” this pol replied emphatically. “Without a doubt.  Everywhere I go, I hear people speaking favorably of him.  If you’re a Republican in North Carolina, I think it’s pretty clear that Dan is the man you want to be seen with at election time.”

I got similar reactions and responses from the other candidates I spoke with.  Forest has been very low-key during his time in Raleigh.  (Though, he has made some noise about amnesty, driver licenses for illegals, and Common Core.)  Given the apparent positive feelings for him out among the grassroots, it might be wise for the lieutenant governor to step out from McCrory and Tillis’s shadows.  Forest — whether he knows it or not — has an abundance of political capital out there.

9 thoughts on “Campaign 2014: NC candidates want Lt. Dan

  1. Regardless of one’s views on McCrory, without a question Dan Forest is the finest public servant in North Carolina–in either party.

    1. I wish he had run for US Senate this year. Then we would have had a candidate we could have been proud of, and one that could win, unlike Tilli$.

  2. Dan Forest and his team are the brightest and the best. Republicans in North Carolina would do well to follow his example. We are always looking for the next “Reagan” and I would propose he’s right here in North Carolina working for us in Raleigh. Leadership with humility? An ability to bring all stripes of Republicans together? A truly capable individual who has shown how true conservative leadership can work for all citizens? It’s all there.

    I pray for him and his family daily that God will preserve him for the people of North Carolina and maybe, one day, this country. We need 1,000 more like him!

  3. Our current Lt. Governor has visited our community and even hosted a town hall with our local legislators both Republican and Democrat discussing the accomplishments of the legislature.

    It us very impressive to see such leadership and from a Lt. Governor who is availing himself to the public! I am looking forward to dinner with Lt. Governor Dan Forest this evening!

    May GOD bless him!

    1. It speaks volumes when an elected official is willing to take questions from constituents in public meetings without the event being staged or tightly controlled.

      Those are the people who are more likely to be true public servants.

  4. Only one question … Does Forest have the moxie to run for NC Governor in 2016′ or will he sit back and let the GOP end up with another one-term governor? That’s the question that conservatives need to put to him. Sticking with Dole when the writing was on the wall has given us Hagan. If they don’t work out, the Republicans have got to “work them out”.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree. Dan Forest is a true leader with vision and solid character. We are blessed to have him serve our state.

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