Burr steps down as Intel committee chairman




This Richard Burr-stock market story has grown some legs and really picked up some traction:


U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is stepping down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee as a federal probe of his financial activities in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic heats up.


The Justice Department searched the North Carolina Republican’s Washington, D.C., home on Wednesday and seized his cellphone.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement Thursday that Burr “contacted me this morning to inform me of his decision to step aside as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee during the pendency of the investigation.


“We agreed that this decision would be in the best interests of the committee and will be effective at the end of the day [Friday],” McConnell said.


“The work the Intelligence Committee and its members do is too important to risk hindering in any way,” Burr said in a statement. “I believe this step is necessary to allow the committee to continue its essential work free of external distractions.” […]

3 thoughts on “Burr steps down as Intel committee chairman

  1. so, what R will take over as chairman while he is gone? anyone know? Is Romney on that committee? If so, then that would probably mean that Warner will actually be in charge. God help us.

  2. PS- and no…I am NOT the Fred Smith Company. I am not a scalawag never Trumper state senator who hires illegals to increase my profits. I aint that guy.

  3. The two biggest RINOs in the US Senate are Burr and Tillis–and we put them there. NC Republicans have only ourselves to blame. Burr is politically dead and I doubt Tillis will survive November. I don’t know a single Republican who is even willing to put up a Tillis yard sign on their property.

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