Boy, this ObamaCare is working out, um, *SWELL*

bohicaAn $8 billion tax on health insurers is due September 30, and the drive-bys are just starting to realize this ObamaCare ca-ca is going to be an expensive nightmare:

 […] States and the federal government will spend at least $700 million this year to pay the tax for their Medicaid health plans. The three dozen states that use Medicaid managed-care plans will give those insurers more money to cover the new expense. Many of those states — such as Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee — did not expand Medicaid as the law allows, and in the process turned down billions in new federal dollars.[…]

We already pay through the nose for this Medicaid albatross — meant to provide healthcare to the poor, but pushing many states and the federal government deeper into the red. So, Medicaid already bleeds us via the taxman.  Now, it’s going to bleed us a little more for this new tax.  Gee, thanks Barry. Thanks, Congress. Thank you to all you Republicans who campaigned on deep-sixing ObamaCare and then did nothing to help Ted Cruz defund it. 

Hold on. The news gets even better: 1obamacare_screwed1

[…] Other insurers are getting some help paying the tax as well. Private insurers are passing the tax onto policyholders in the form of higher premiums. Medicare health plans are getting the tax covered by the federal government via higher reimbursement. […]

Translation:  Those of us who are still working will be paying higher premiums in order to help our insurance companies pay this tax AND to pay the tax for all of these retired Medicare recipients. MORE: 

[…] State Medicaid agencies say they have little choice but to pay the tax for health plans they hire to insure their poorest residents. That’s because the tax is part of the health plans’ costs of doing business. Federal law requires states to pay the companies adequate rates.

“This situation results in the federal government taxing itself and taxing state governments to fund the higher Medicaid managed care payments required to fund the ACA health insurer fee,” said a report by Medicaid Health Plans of America, a trade group.[…]

Taxing itself and state governments?  Where do you geniuses think the states and feds get their money?