Boom Boom is 1st choice for SE NC Dems in 2012 NC GOV race


The word I am getting from well-placed sources within the Democrat machine in southeastern North Carolina is that Bobby “Boom Boom” Etheridge is leading the Democrat field for NC governor by a nose.

I checked in with one source who served me well when I was a member of the drive-by mainstream media.  This guy has his finger on the pulse of Democrats in that part of the state better than ANYONE else I know of. ( I could connect with him two days before Election Day, and he would successfully predict the order of finish in the Democrat field along with the percentages.  )

What he told me would appear to support Public Policy Polling’s findings on the Democrat primary:  voters are wildly unenthusiastic with their choices, but a small plurality likes Etheridge over the others.  Here are the highlights from this source:

“I’ve never seen anything like this.  We are so close to the primary, and you have so many people who don’t know which one to back.  A lot of folks I talk to ain’t all that excited about ANY of the choices for governor.  […]   Bobby Etheridge is old and broken down.  Walter Dalton ain’t worth a damn.  And that Faison man?  Please.  […]  If we voted on this thing tomorrow, Etheridge would win this part of the state. He’d win, but a lot of people would be holding their noses while they vote.”

Another well-placed southeastern North Carolina Democrat source tells me he has encountered numerous  fellow activists who have expressed an interest in reaching out to Republican Pat McCrory’s campaign.

The US 74 corridor — from Rockingham in Richmond County to Whiteville in Columbus County — and regions north toward Sampson and Duplin counties  are an important, voter-rich “gold mine” for state Democrats.