#BOHICA: More debt. More spending. Boehner & co. strike ANOTHER DEAL with Obama

Great.  Another closed-door deal.  If major decisions are getting made by a handful of folks behind a closed door, WHAT IS THE POINT of sending 535 folks up there to Capitol Hill? 100percent-unimpressed

The deal is for TWO YEARS — thereby cutting the next Congress (and next president) out of the process.  It spends more and borrows more.  JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS WOULD IF THEY HAD THE MAJORITY. 

Heritage Action and The Club for Growth — a DC-based group focused on fiscal conservatism — are not pleased:

“This budget and debt deal is being brokered by a lame duck speaker and a lame duck president.  It represents the very worst of Washington – a last minute deal that increases spending and debt under the auspices of fiscal responsibility. If this deal moves forward, it will undermine efforts to unite the party by those promising to advance serious policy reforms.

“The House should work to empower a new speaker to preserve the spending caps and fight for serious reforms contained in the budget.  Heritage Action and the Club for Growth call on Chairman Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise to stop this zombie budget deal.”

*Good luck with that.*  Here is the bill itself, and a cheat sheet offering some of the,um, *high points* of the deal. 

14 thoughts on “#BOHICA: More debt. More spending. Boehner & co. strike ANOTHER DEAL with Obama

  1. This deal is probably a requirement by Ryan to clear the tables of an issue that would take his time away from his family. I believe that Conservatives (Freedom Caucus) agreed to this Ryan demand in order to save face and stop the train wreck they created at the Speakership.

    1. The train wreck was created by Boehner, and a bunch of out of touch politicians in Washington who refused to listen to the voters back home, Polls have been showing a major disconnect between Boehner and his constant sells out to Obama, and the Republican voters for some time. Most recently, over seventy percent of Republican voters told pollsters they were unhappy with the way Boehner and his crew were leading, and over sixty percent went so far as to say they were betrayed by Boehner and his allies.

      The Freedom Caucus took a lot of heat from the Obama Republicans inside the Washington beltway and from the Obamedia for standing up for the GOP voters back home, which so many politicians refused to do. Sadly, they are not continuing to stand up to Obama’s henchman Paul Ryan like they should.

      As usual, Boehner is behaving as a Vichy Republican, a collaborator with the Obama regime (just like the Vichy French regime collaborated with Hitler). This appears to be partly a set up so that Ryan can try to establish some false street cred by saying he opposes this sellout, but it will be all talk and Ryan will do nothing to actual kill the rotten deal.

      Republicans look like they will move from one Benedict Arnold as a Speaker to another, while we have a third Benedict Arnold doing Harry Reid’s bidding by nominally running the Senate. One really wonders if they are collaborating because they are just scared little girls with their panties in a twist or because they really share Obama’s radical ideology?

      1. Freudian slip – that should be that Ryan is Boehner’s henchman, but that does make him Obama’s henchman, too, and Ryan does have a long record of voting for all of Boehner’s sellouts to Obama.

  2. I am sure Boehner and Ryan will play bad cop/ good cop to make it appear Ryan is against this deal. Unfortunately, it’s more smoke and mirrors from the establishment to rally the RINOS. But you need not worry because George Holding and Co. will be promising to cut federal spending after they vote to spend more! The GOP is a JOKE! Defund the GOP!

  3. Keep hearing Boehner & Co. talk about ‘clearing out the barn’. In closer examination it would seem to be a task of cleaning out Boehner’s Augean Stable, just before handing off to his clone, Paul Ryan. Has any party EVER tried so hard to lose elections …? The GOPe is doing its level damnedest …

  4. It’s very apparent that The Drunken John Boehner wanted to bend over and grab his ankles (just one more time) for Barack The Magic Negro. Word is Boehner is planning to move to San Francisco (where he can “fulfilled” on a daily basis).
    Then, The Shaft will be handed over to Pauley Ryan, who will continue to stab the conservative voters in the back (and smile & lie thru his teeth while he’s doing it).
    Has any party EVER tried so hard to lose elections …? The GOP is doing its level damnedest …
    Right on, Boggle. I would vote for La Cosa Nostra before I’d vote for these scum bag Republicans. At least the Mafia had HONOR!
    My vote will go to Donald Trump (or Ben Carson), because they are not tainted by the cesspool in Washington, and I will vote for him just to piss off the Main Stream Media, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush.

  5. I don’t think calling them “Republicans” is exactly correct.

    The “Republicans” are now made up of many different groups and I don’t think they know themselves how many factions they have. Only Obama has the key and he is the only one who can bring them together to do his bidding.

    The Republicans are like the Church. You got the Presbyterians and Methodists and Lutherans and Episcopalians and Baptists and Southern Baptists and many, many more. The Republicans have just as many divisions. Except with the Republicans it is not God who brings them together, it is President Barack Obama.

    Meanwhile Speaker Boehner stands at the altar; crying and asking for absolution.

    1. With your church analogy, what we have is a bunch of Christian denominations paying homage to a Muslim.

  6. Love Meadows’ faux “indignation.” Start giving money to every outsider, vote every POS incumbent out (except for Jones) and esp. Meadows, Foxx, Ellmers, etc. and get off your duffs to help outsiders win. It is do or die, folks. And beware Carson who, like Cruz, is wishy washy on immigration–THE most important issue of this election. Trump 2016.

    1. Carson is not wishy-washy on immigration. Carson is openly for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, something Cruz is NOT!

  7. “With your church analogy, what we have is a bunch of Christian denominations paying homage to a Muslim.”
    I agree, the Republicans are made up of different “religions”. And right now, Obama has them by the cahones. Normally, a Democrat President would face some “opposition” from the opposite party. However, Obama faces NO opposition from the Republicans, NONE! In fact, they are collectively bending over and grabbing their ankles for him (and providing the Vaseline to boot)!
    Could it be that they are so intimidated by Obama’s race, that they are scared to death to oppose him? Could they be that intimidated by Barack The Magic Negro, and shaking in their shoes about the accusation of “racism”?
    Are they afraid that Hussein’s willing sycophants in the Main Stream Media will call them racists, bigots and homophobes? (Hell, they already are)!
    If that is the case, we have a Nazi Germany Dictatorship, where any opposition to Der Feurer was met by firing squads and permanent residency in concentration camps.
    What abject cowards the Republicans be!

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