#BOHICA: More debt. More spending. Boehner & co. strike ANOTHER DEAL with Obama

Great.  Another closed-door deal.  If major decisions are getting made by a handful of folks behind a closed door, WHAT IS THE POINT of sending 535 folks up there to Capitol Hill? 100percent-unimpressed

The deal is for TWO YEARS — thereby cutting the next Congress (and next president) out of the process.  It spends more and borrows more.  JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS WOULD IF THEY HAD THE MAJORITY. 

Heritage Action and The Club for Growth — a DC-based group focused on fiscal conservatism — are not pleased:

“This budget and debt deal is being brokered by a lame duck speaker and a lame duck president.  It represents the very worst of Washington – a last minute deal that increases spending and debt under the auspices of fiscal responsibility. If this deal moves forward, it will undermine efforts to unite the party by those promising to advance serious policy reforms.

“The House should work to empower a new speaker to preserve the spending caps and fight for serious reforms contained in the budget.  Heritage Action and the Club for Growth call on Chairman Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise to stop this zombie budget deal.”

*Good luck with that.*  Here is the bill itself, and a cheat sheet offering some of the,um, *high points* of the deal.