Boehner: waving the white flag BEFORE the shooting starts





Prior to Tuesday’s vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid emphatically told the media that he and his crew in the Senate WOULD NOT work with a President Romney.  That’s apparently OK.  However, after the vote, House Speaker John Boehner is telling President Barry that he is “ready to be led.”

Oh, yeah.  King John says we can forget about any resistance to the implementation of ObamaCare:

Asked whether he will make another attempt to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, Boehner said “the election changes that” and “ObamaCare is the law of the land.”

In that same article, Boehner spoke favorably about striking a deal with Obama that mirrors the 1986 tax deal between Democrat Speaker Tip O’Neill and President Reagan.  You know, the one that jacked up taxes, grew government, sent the country into a recession, and cost the GOP a Senate majority.  Yeah, THAT ONE.

Let’s review. The Democrats can fight like dogs to obstruct and kill ANYTHING a Republican president brings up — and that’s * FINE* That’s all about doing what your voters want.  Apparently, the national GOP believe the media narrative that they must compromise — a/k/a giving the Democrats EVERYTHING they want.

Spending HAS to originate in the House.  The GOP has the numbers there.  In the Senate, the GOP HAS the numbers to sustain a filibuster.  Why not fight?