Boehner talks tough on Meadows move (but WHY no vote yet?)

meadows pointMark Meadows has taken over from Ted Cruz as the Washington establishment’s whipping boy.  He spoke a lot of truth in the resolution he authored seeking to vacate the speaker’s chair.

Boehner and his team — and, surprisingly, a number of Meadows’s fellow conservatives — are publicly poo-poing Meadows and his resolution.  The orange man himself says Meadows’s move is “no big deal.” 

That statement begs the question:  If it’s no big deal, why not go ahead and vote on it?  That’d be a great way to shut up AND shut down Meadows.  (What could Meadows and all of those Tea Partiers say if his resolution gets voted down 434-1?) 

In earlier reports, Meadows said he thought the vote would happen YESTERDAY.

You know what I think?  (And, of course, John Boehner *cares* about what I think.)  I think Team Boehner knows it IS a big deal. They saw how many votes came up against him at the beginning of the session.  Couple those with all of the Democrats, and you have disaster for the orange man.

Meadows’s strategy seems to be more aligned with the idea of gaining concessions as opposed to perpetrating a coup.  But, of course, the egos in DC see it as an affront to their positions, their power, and cash flow.  What Meadows is doing is what all of the Tea Party candidates SHOULD have done at the start of the session in 2011.  Hold the senior members’s feet to the fire and force some changes.

mcconnboehnerSince this story broke, I’ve talked with some fellow Tea Party travelers, as well as some folks who aren’t as conservative as I am.  Across the board, it’s agreed upon out here in the heartland that there is a leadership problem in the Congress and a change needs to be made.  That makes it extra peculiar that all of the honorables are ready to fall on their swords for the orange man as opposed to representing the wishes of their people back home.  (Of course, we know they’re acting out of concern for keeping the cash spigot flowing.) 

There is a lot of arm-twisting and intimidation going on behind the scenes.  There are a lot of people accumulating wealth and power and influence thanks to Boehner being where he is right now.  And they’re not about to make changes that could change that situation.  Not, at least, without a fight.

Hopefully, Meadows will stay strong and resist the heat that will be put on him.  One of the most powerful weapons we have to use against the Hill?  Public opinion.  How do you think Ronald Reagan got his historic tax cuts through a Democrat Congress?  Reagan communicated a message loud and clear, that resonated with the people, and they responded by throwing an incumbent president out on his ass.

Professional pols tend to behave and act right when they see the mob gathering with pitchforks and lighting up the torches.  Don’t let the ruling class win here.  Not without one hell of a fight.  It’s too important.