”Big Gov’t. Barbie” Strikes Again! (PAGING JIM DUNCAN.)

barbieHere she is — in all her, um, “glory”:

Monday on NewsMax TV’s “Midpoint,” Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) without naming names blasted members of Congress who have come out against House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) in his bid for a third term as speaker.

Ellmers said, “Those who are acting out right now though are getting some media attention. That is all it is. It’s media attention. These are folks that thrive on it. They are bad actors right now because they are acting as though they are going against the party and there is really no substance to it whatsoever. If they truly mean what their plan was for a new Speaker of the House or moving an agenda in a different way, then they should have acted months ago and they did not.”

Wow. An empty-headed attention-whore pointing fingers and making accusations.  (Boy, that DC street corner real estate must be getting awfully competitive.)  And NO substance?  A recently released poll shows SIXTY PERCENT of Republican voters want a new speaker.  Only 18 percent believe the weepy one and his tortoise-like counterpart in the Senate are cutting the mustard AT ALL.

And the folks at Breitbart lay out a hell of a good case for why Boehner HAS to go: mouth

So why this ire against Boehner? Here are six reasons – and there are more where this came from:

The 2011 Budget Control Act. In 2011, Boehner signed off on the BCA, which also came to be known as “sequestration.” The sequestration deal was designed to cut $1.2 trillion from 2013 to 2021; a gang of legislators was supposed to cut a deal to avoid half of those cuts coming from the military budget. Oops. That deal never happened, so the military took the brunt of the cuts.

Boehner rationalized the BCA by stating that he intended to attain cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. Eventually, the debt ceiling was raised by $2.1 trillion. Boehner then undermined those overall cuts in the 2013 Ryan-Murray budget deal.

The 2011 Disaster Relief Funding Bill. In September 2011, Boehner attempted to ram through a stopgap funding measure that would have jacked up spending on disaster relief. Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) said, “I was raised to believe that if you owe a debt, you pay that debt, no matter how painful – and make changes to ensure it does not happen again. With this legislation, it is clear that Washington never learned that lesson.”

The 2012 Purge. In December 2012, Boehner reportedly purged conservatives from leadership slots in Congress, including Reps. Justin Amash (R-MI) and Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), as well as Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ). Amash called the move a “slap in the face.” Serious conservatives in Congress have routinely complained for years about Boehner’s attempts to stifle their leadership trajectories.

The 2013 Obamacare Shutdown. After Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) led an effort, along with his allies in the House, to pass a budget that did not include funding for Obamacare – an action that led to a short-lived government shutdown when Democrats refused to sign off on such a budget – Boehner caved, funding Obamacare and reversing some cuts from sequestration. That short-term cave led to a far larger cave just a few weeks later.mcconnboehner

The 2013 Ryan-Murray Budget Deal: In December 2013, Boehner signed off on a $1 trillion budget deal with President Obama opposed by many conservatives. That led Boehner to rip those conservative groups: “They’re using our members and they are using the American people for their own goals. This is ridiculous.” He then went to the floor of the House to drop this bomb:

Frankly I think they’re misleading their followers. I think they’re pushing our members in places where they don’t want to be. And frankly I just think they’ve lost all credibility. They pushed us into this fight to defund Obamacare and to shut down the government. Most of you know, my members know, that wasn’t exactly the strategy I had in mind. But if you’ll recall, the day before the government opened, one of these groups said, ‘Well, we never thought it would work.’ Are you kidding me!? Listen, you all know me. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I’m as conservative as anybody around this place. And all the things that we’ve done over the three years that I’ve been speaker have not violated any conservative principle. Not once.

Boehner’s deal raised spending $63 billion, supposedly in exchange for longer-term budget cuts. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) said, “It’s going to increase spending with promise of spending cuts sometime in the future. At the end of the day, it’s going to increase the deficit, it’s going to raise taxes and fees, and it’s not going to address the long-term overspending problem in Washington.” The deal also cut veterans’ pensions. Boehner later passed a clean debt ceiling raise and restored the veterans’ pensions, effectively raising overall spending.

The 2014 Amnesty Fail. Boehner failed to do anything of substance to stop President Obama’s executive amnesty in 2014. Before the end of 2014, Boehner had the opportunity to pass a short-term continuing resolution that would have funded the government through the end of January, allowing incoming Republicans to negotiate department by department after taking office, and slash funding for Obama’s executive amnesty. Instead, Boehner pushed through a budget – the so-called “cromnibus,” a mash-up of CR (continuing resolution) and omnibus package, for the entire year, including blowout spending levels, except for funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which ends at the eduncannd of February. According to Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN), Boehner lied to get that budget passed. “I was informed by leadership that the cromnibus was dead an a short-term CR would take its place,” Stutzman said[…]

In 2013, we mentioned that a pretty good guy from Chatham County, by the name of Jim Duncan, was taking a good hard look at the GOP primary for Congress in the Second District.  duncangopBecause of private family matters, that didn’t materialize.  But sources are telling us that things are looking better for Duncan in 2016.  If you KNOW the guy, let him know that we need him to step up.  I like what one good friend of this site — a political player who occasionally makes it into the drive by media — had to say about Duncan:

“I had some serious reservations about the guy — until I heard him speak about the situation in this country.  The guy gets mad talking about what’s going on in Washington.  He doesn’t want or need the job.  He’s worried about his country.  He’s fired up.  We need that kind of fire up there.”

28 thoughts on “”Big Gov’t. Barbie” Strikes Again! (PAGING JIM DUNCAN.)

  1. Boehner and McConnell are Obama enablers who are routinely betraying the GOP platform and the GOP voters. GOP voters are sick of them, as shown in that recent poll. The real divide within the GOP these days is between those who represent the voters back home and those who represent the Washington beltway interests. The latter need to be brought home because they do NOT represent OUR interests. Boehner’s lap puppy Ellmers, who is little more than Etheridge in a skirt, should be first on the list from NC to be brought home by being ousted in a primary.

    These poseurs in the ”leadership” are endangering the future of the GOP, because they are alienating the GOP voter base. Whether it is disgusted voters just staying home or the emergence of a new party, the GOP faces existential threats as a result of our own ”leadership” running interference for Obama.

    What morons like Ellmers need to understand is that to voters, supporting the party is measured in terms of supporting the principles of the party as reflected in things like the platform, NOT in knee jerk allegiance to self serving power drunk empty suits like Boehner and McConnell. Ellmers would not recognize a political principle if one jumped up and bit her.

    1. This fifty dollars ——–> $50 <——– says there are more working neurons in the Mattel Barbie's noggin, than in "Big Gov. Barbie's.)

      (That photo of Ellmers' hideous, gaping maw! Holy cow, Brandt, you've just solved NC's problem of where to dump its coal ash!)

      So, Ms. Ellmers thinks that conservative outrage over the "Boehner-Obama Entente Cordiale" is staged? No, ma'am, this isn't a right-wing hissy fit that we'll get over, ten minutes from now, and forgive the Tang®ster for caving, again.

      We've seen enough Republican "Rollover Now/Fight Later" reruns to know that we can't count on them — and Ms. Ellmers is definitely one of "them."

      Where's that third party? It could pull both Republicans and Democrats to the right, and make them have to earn conservative votes, before they can be elected to ANY office.

      (Next up ~ a jr cooper post, throwing cold H2O on this idea and trying to discourage conservatives, appearing in 3, 2, 1 . . .)

  2. I will put 100% of my support behind Mr. Duncan. He would give our District the kind of representation we would all be proud of in Washington. Knowing how futile it would be, I phoned Ellmers Washington office yesterday to express my displeasure about her potential vote for Speaker Boehner…..not surprisingly, I was treated with disdain by one of her staffers.

    Ellmers could care less about her constituents….I firmly believe Mr. Duncan would listen and understand why the voters sent him to DC.

    Run Jim, run!

  3. Of course Renee is right. The few who oppose Boehner are just looking some press. Then they will fall on their swords and fall in line behind Boehner.

    They dissidents remind of that little girl in the Exorcism movie when smoke came out her ears and her head spun around and around. In the end she too faced reality and to stand upright with mankind.

    1. Good little Troll! Now, sit!

      (***Throws it a liquorish Gummy Obama.***)

      See, you can train a Troll.

  4. At least she was honest. Mark Walker just broke a major campaign promise and voted for Boehner.

    1. Aye. A bitter betrayal by someone who said they wanted to change Washington and can’t even change the Speaker.

    2. Judas sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver. Mark Walker sold his soul for $10,000 from Boehner’s PAC. When Mark Walker told voters he would vote to change the leadership, he was telling Obamas (lies). Mark Walker is a phony and he needs to go in the 2016 primary. Lets just say ”no” to the Boehner Brownnosers.

  5. Call Renee out if you must.

    However, SHE NEVER CLAIMED to be anything but what she is….a consistent, loyal vote for the GOP leadership.

    Tea partiers tried hard to beat her in the primary…tried, lost and good try!

    But the TRUE hypocrites are the ones that tear down people like Elmers who are just being who and what they claim to be.

    If those who claim to be holier than thou true-blue conservatives don’t want to be hypocritical themselves, then where is the anger and frustration with those that promised you to vote against Boehner but took the money and ran and supported him anyway?

    Don’t want to lose your moral authority, Tea Party? Then look to your own house!

    1. I call BS. Are you an Ellmers staffer?

      She has ROUTINELY lied on her position on immigration and amnesty, spending the first couple years hiding her true position, and telling her constituents she did not support amnesty.

      Then once the possibility of immigration legislation was raised in the House, she suddenly came out in full, unbridled support for granting legal status to illegal aliens, gifting them with exactly what they came for. THAT IS AMNESTY.

      In the midst of this sell-out, she arrogantly called constituents “ignorant” and “racists” for even questioning her sell-out and her desire to give jobs to illegal aliens rather than unemployed and poor Americans. (like she did to Laura Ingraham) That was after avoiding discussing the issue with constituents for many months.

      All the while she was attending jobs fairs for returning vets, this hypocrite was out hawking amnesty and flooding the U.S. with foreign guest workers, including in high-paying, high-skilled tech jobs.

      In the lame duck session, she voted for CRomnibus, which fully funded Obama’s executive amnesty. That was after having her staff lie and tell constituents she had signed onto the Matt Salmon letter that sought to defund amnesty.

      Immigration is just one issue. Shall we go on with ObamaCare? She also voted time after time, including in CRomnibus, to fully fund ObamaCare after repeatedly claiming she has done everything possible to fight to repeal the bill.

    2. Observant:

      You must realize that the Tea Partiers do not like anybody. They want to primary everyone and then primary those who won. Look at their success rate around here…………..that should tell you something.

    3. You are correct. She has always supported Boehner and I don’t fault her for that if that is what she believes. I disagree but there are many people smarter than I am who can make a case for keeping Boehner as leader. What I get upset about is the congresswoman’s attitude toward those who have a differing opinion. It seems condescending and naive to say there is no substance to the opposition and that they should have done something months ago. Just look at the punishment and intimidation on those who did oppose the leadership are already getting. Some good republicans are now loosing key assignments because they publicly disagreed. In the long run that is not good for our party.

  6. I am hardly a staffer for anyone much less the Congresswoman. I do live in her district and I support her.

    I am a Helms-Reagan-W.Bush type Republican and I think the antics of the Tea Party (not their views, just their actions) are detrimental to the GOP and the conservative cause.

    Your post as a response to me just proves my point. Wasn’t discussing anyone’/s views or stands. Simply said that Ms. Ellmers was expected to vote for Boehner and did what she said she would do and everyone knew she would. Honest people could call her too mainstream or too establishment but that didn’t make her a hypocrite.

    What I was talking about was how SOME people got elected to Congress promising primary voters they would oppose Boehner and the Congressional party leadership to win the primary and then did just the opposite. That is what being a hypocrite means. If Tea Partiers want to become a dominant force in the party and country they need to stop just lobbing attacks at the people that don’t like while overlooking broken promises from their preferred candidates. If that isn’t clear, have no clue how to express myself to make it clearer.

    1. So, you are saying it is okay that Ellmers lied through her teeth about her positions in her first election, and has lied on many substantive issues ever since, just because she made it clear she was a Boehner Brownnoser in her most recent primary. Horsehockey!

      1. And yet Elmers strolled to reelection. As did Boehner.

        When you win the election you must be doing something right.

        While we are at it please name an elected politician who never told “what some considered to be a lie.” Does anyone not get accused of lying?

        The Republicans control both Houses of Congress. Who would you rather control Congress?

        1. Ellmers had a lackluster victory over a third string opponent. With a top drawer primary opponent, of which Jim Duncan would be one, she would be roadkill.

          1. Where was a strong primary challenge?

            I keep hearing about primary opponents for all these Rino’s but they never make it to the starting gate.

            Elmers is sitting in Congress. And she got there with no too much fuss.

    2. You stated that Ellmers never claimed to be anything but what she is. Nonsense. She is a LIAR. She would not feel the need to lie about her positions if she had the courage to reveal her true liberal self.

      And, as a representative, she is to (1) support/defend/adhere to the Constitution, and (2) represent the wishes of her constituents in how she votes, NOT as leadership tells her to vote.

      Based on her actions, it would seem she’s never read the Constitution, and she calls John Boehner “her boss”, not the people of NC2.

      1. I was referring only to her support for Boehner.

        I live in her district. I am glad she voted to support Boehner. She does represent me.

        Do you live in her district? if not, she has more right to speak for her constituency than you have to opine on behalf of the voters of this district.

        1. I sure as heck do live in her district.
          She votes as Boehner tells her to vote. You call THAT representation?

          No wonder this country is in such trouble.

  7. This is what you call a bimbo eruption.

    Maybe we can hire some of Hillary Clinton’s people to dig up dirt on Ellmers so we can win the primary.

    We need a local to run against carpetbagger Ellmers.

  8. I will put 100% of my support behind Jim Duncan. He would give our District the kind of representation we would all be proud of. Knowing how futile it would be, I phoned Ellmers Washington office on Monday to express my displeasure about her potential vote for Speaker Boehner – not surprisingly, I was treated with disdain by one of her staffers.

    Ellmers does not care about her constituents, I firmly believe Mr. Duncan would listen and understand why the voters sent him to D.C. She needs to remember, she works for us, not Boehner.

    Run Jim, Run!

    1. It sounds like I spoke with the same VERY NASTY rep. I’ve learned that the staff directly reflect the Rep they work for. This guy lied (no surprise) and stated repeatedly that CRomnibus defunded Obama’s executive amnesty, and got even nastier when I asked him to e-mail me the section and lines in CRomnibus that contained the defunding language. This lie followed the misinformation given out by her office a couple weeks before that she had signed onto the Matt Salmnon amnesty defunding letter. She had not.

  9. I am not defending Renee. On this issue, she NEVER said she wasn’t supporting Boehner. So on this, she is not a hypocrite.

    I get sick and tired of local activists repeatedly tearing down conservative elected officials and supporting people in primaries calling any conservative activist who doesn’t support their candidates part of the problem.


    Some people just like to cause disunity and discord….tea partiers should endeavor to police their own candidates before attacking others. Really makes me wonder how some people are able to tie their shoes in the morning if they cant see how hypocritical it is to attack ellmers and give walker and others a pass.

    1. I haven’t seen any one here defending Walker. Walker lied and we need to find a candidate we can trust in that district.

  10. OK conservatives, so who is going to challenge Elmers and Walker in the next primary? You have two years to find and groom a candidate. Talk is cheap and that’s about all you hear from conservatives in the GOP these days. Come up with challengers and take these two out. Otherwise, quit your complaining. Why should the traitors worry when no one will run against them?

    1. Don’t worry about a primary challenger for Walker. The sixth district historically provides a plethora of challengers every two years.

  11. Last primary our choice in District 2 was between Rude Renee and allegedly Rude Frank. Frank Roche with between $25K – 50K garnered 41% of the primary vote while Renee Ellmers’ $424K bought her 59% of the voters. Jim Duncan or Frank Roche, decide between yourselves, please, and come out fighting. Seriously, make Barbie go away.

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