Berger candidacy for top court post little more than POOR planning


Life must be pretty good when you share the same name with arguably the most powerful politician in the state.  Phil Berger, Jr.  has been moving right up the political ranks, with very little in the way of accomplishments.



We got news this week that Junior got sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, and that state Rep.  Darren Jackson, the House Democrat leader,  had been sworn in to take Junior’s old job on the Court of Appeals.


Question:  Couldn’t the NCGOP have picked SOMEONE who would not risk a valuable judicial seat to run for Supreme Court?  Barbara Jackson — who got screwed over royally by  NCGOP HQ in her 2018 reelection effort — might have been a good choice.  If she won,  she holds no positions that could fall to the Democrats as she ascends.   For some reason, it’s very very very important to keep promoting Junior through the ranks of state government.


By why couldn’t we have waited until Junior’s current term on the Court of Appeals ended?  Or at least wait until a GOP governor gets elected?  (Um,  it might have to get a little more chilly “downstairs” for that to happen anytime soon.*)



Waiting for the current term to expire  would have produced  an open seat for the COA and the party could have selected a new Republican to run for the Appeals seat while Junior ran for the higher court.  *Of course, that makes TOO MUCH DAMN SENSE. *