Ban bare boobs. Legalize Pot. (The Carolina Comeback?)

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OK.  We’re billions in debt.  HHS is in shambles literally and fiscally.  ObamaCare is breathing down our neck from DC, as is an effort to wipe out our Second Amendment rights.  DC has raised taxes on us and put us, as a nation, deeper in debt.  We’ve still got record unemployment from Murphy to Manteo.  And what are the big stories coming out of the North Carolina General Assembly?  Banning the public exposure of female breasts and legalizing marijuana.  Seriously?

State Rep. — and fracking expertPricey Harrison (D-Greensboro) has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana in North Carolina for medicinal purposes.   What floors me is that House Speaker — and senator in waiting — Thom Tillis “won’t rule out a well-crafted bill.”
Tillis, Harrison and her co-sponsor on the legislation Rep. Kelly Alexander talk about the need for the state to restrict access so that the marijuana gets only to people who truly need it for medicinal purposes.  I expect that to work as well as the state’s efforts to keep alcohol away from those under 21 and cigarettes away from those under 18.

( I am anticipating a lot of commentary from my libertarian friends who are diehard pro-legalization of pot.  I am with the libertarians about 97.5 percent of the time.  Drug legalization is one of those areas where I can’t stand with them.  I’ve had some people very close to me struggle with drug problems.  I’ve seen — up close — the damage drugs do to users, their loved ones, and their communities.  I think our national strategy for dealing with illegal drugs is wrong and needs to be re-thought.  But I don’t believe legalization is the answer.  I’m not ready to jump on that bandwagon.)