An unsubstantiatable hate crime allegation. (*Imagine THAT.*)

capturekidMcClatchy informed us recently that anti-gay hate crime was exploding across North Carolina.  Now, CAIR and other assorted apologists for radical Islam, are trying to paint our state as a hotbed of anti-Muslim hate crime.  Reports of a cute-as-a-button Pakistani-American 1st grade boy being allegedly beaten on a school bus in Cary made international news. 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations immediately called for a special probe into the alleged incident.

“Welcome to the United States of America of Donald Trump” the kid’s dad wrote on a Facebook post that featured said kid wearing a cast and sling on his left arm.

But, surprise, surprise — neither Wake County schools nor the Cary P.D. could find any evidence to corroborate the story being peddled by the family or CAIR:

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  1. Brant, you left out the rampant sexual assaults on women and children by Muslim migrants – refugees that have been so rampant in Europe they are now often called ”rapefugees”. Indeed, in some instances like on New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany it was so organized that there were hundreds of western victims of over a thousand Muslim perpetrators, and the government and police tried to cover it up for PC reasons.

    This whole ”incident” carries the stench of a lawsuit shakedown of someone – the schools probably. The schools should not settle. They should make these scumbags try to peddle their lies to a jury of 12 God-fearing Americans.

    1. Remember Clock boy? Clock boy made a killing from the old clock he disassembled and made to look like a bomb. He showed it to several science teachers who failed to react with appropriate fear. But an English teacher fell for the scam and called authorities. Clock boy’s father was prominent in the field of taqiyya, and the whole scam took off. Obama invited this fellow Muslim, extortionist, and accomplished victicrat to the White House. Microsoft gave the poor victim of “Islamophobia” a Surface Pro tablet and a whole bunch of other goodies. They thought he had a brilliant and inventive mind because he tore down a decades old clock. Clock boy is filing suit against the school system in which he attended. I think his family moved to Dubai, where they are treated as heroes of Islam. So I think we can expect a succession of shakedown attempts against school systems. They tend to be run by left wing spineless Progressives anyway, and are vulnerable targets for shakedown.

  2. A.) Buses have camera’s, just release the footage. B.) CAIR would have a lot more credibility if they were more vocally opposed to the treatment of non-Muslims in Muslim countries.

  3. So much in this story did not track and seeing that CAIR was on the scene within 24 hours spoke volumes. I was going to write about this, but you saved me the time.

    I spent some time yesterday collecting info on this series of events. The media reaction fascinated me the way they built up the narrative and then WHAM, no evidence found.

    Here’s what didn’t add up.

    1. Notice the time stamp on the image of the kid that Usmani put on Facebook? He’s wide awake and smiling on October 8 at 1:58 AM. Yet CAIR’s statement is that he was “Too traumatized” to recount his story. Smiling kid at one AM without a mark on him other than a sling inappropriately applied. Sure.

    2. And this story is only told by the dad, Usmani, and it’s been increasingly embellished with each media retelling. He started adding the big about the older son bringing a knife to school and people calling him a terrorist because of his beard after the 3rd or so re-telling to the media in the Daily Mail Online.

    3. Also, who up and leaves a country over an alleged school bus altercation? Wouldn’t you stick around, file a report and follow through if your child had happen to them what Usmani alleges happened to his 7 year old? YES. You would.

    4. What you wouldn’t do is within 3 days of the alleged event, get on a plane to Pakistan claiming Islamabad is “safer” than America. I mean, this Usmani guy is apparently super smart and deals with terrorist attack probabilities right? And he’s saying Islamabad is safer than Cary NC?

    5. Yeah, they’ve lived here for over a decade, but hey, let’s pack ALL OUR STUFF UP in within 72 hours and move overseas.
    BTW, Visas are not obtained overnight either.

    6. Nah, it seems likely that this guy and his family who seem like the perfect immigrant family were either hand picked to perform this task or there was a reason they needed to get out of the US and this was a good, useful cover.

    7. Talk about laying it on thick for the media — which was the entire point. Speaking of laying it on thick, look what Usmani posted yesterday morning and tell me this wasn’t about politics:

    8. Not a single employee, kid on the bus or the bus driver can corroborate any of the story. No police report was filed, no complaint with the district was filed. Nothing.

    This was SO awful they left the country but didn’t file a single complaint about it. That reaks of bullcrap.

    Basically, this looks and feels like a hoax for political purposes.

    1. If the child actually had the injuries and they were documented I would not put it past the father beating him.

      1. There was just a case in Norway of a Muslim migrant father raping his teenage daughter to punish her for becoming too western. Of course he is now finding that even if that were tolerated in his home country, it is not tolerated in Norway.

    2. Excellent. If somebody belongs to a so-called “religion” that tells them that it is good to tell lies to advance the spread of that religion, their story really should be thoroughly checked. These faux Muslim hate crimes happen all the time. This one was just more full of holes than most. Probably is an attempted shakedown.

      In Pakistan, when someone wants a Christians property or daughter or whatever, they just accuse the Christian of blasphemy. Then they burn down a bunch of the homes of Christians and beat them up. The police usually laugh it off. The Christian is imprisoned with a death penalty. Pakistani Christians face daily threats and persecution, and our treasonous and sanctimonious leaders are bringing it to the USA. Anyone who doesn’t believe me just needs to take a look at what is happening in Europe.

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